A Homeschool Graduation


Graduation is a special time for any high school student. For homeschoolers, graduation may look a little different…. …Kind of like everything about homeschooling. If we were in a co-op up here like we were in North Carolina, we probably would have had a formal ceremony. But instead, we did what many homeschool families do. […]

Some People See Squirrels


Some people see squirrels along side the road when they are driving home. Here, we certainly see squirrels….but we also see other things. Much, much bigger things. Yesterday, my daughter and I were going home from post, and we saw those large things about half a mile from our house. We were going across a […]

Coming Home


There is a new tv show on one of the cable channels that highlights the homecomings of military personnel, showing the gut-wrenching experience of the return from deployment. This show began last night, but I did not, and can not watch it. It is all I can do to bear through the commercials for it. […]