Baked Hot Wings

My husband loves spicy. I mean really, really loves spicy. He puts hot sauce on almost everything you can imagine, even, and I shudder as I type this…chicken & dumplings! Me? Now I’m not a fan of spicy. I run far, far away from it. I’m a total wimp. But these wings aren’t so insanely,…

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A History of – Veterans’ Day

Let us take a moment to remember all of the veterans who have served our country, protecting not only our freedom, but the freedom of others around the world, any time “Uncle Sam” asked. This is my Poppy – while he was serving in World War II

Roasted Spiced Nuts

Roasted Spiced Nuts

Here is another Holiday treat that I make every year. I make this not only for my own family, but I will make a couple extra batches and give it out as gifts in jars with pretty ribbon.