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Hi there! I’m Constance J Smith.

I’m a child of the Midwest, having grown up in Wisconsin. After high school I was accepted to UW Stevens Point but instead I joined the army to see the world. I met this young soldier at a chapel service during Basic Training and he unexpectedly stole my heart. We got married in a whirlwind 3 months later and thus began the adventure of military life.

Having been around the block and all over the world for the last 23+ years, I now refer to myself as a “seasoned” army wife. I have three kiddos (that are really too grown to call “kiddos.”)

In the summer of 2013 we made what will be our last move, from Alaska to Alabama. Now living in the land of sweet tea and rocket scientists I have begun putting down some roots for the first time, and looking towards life after the army.

On any given day, you can find me teaching a homeschool biology lesson, working on a painting, hiking through the woods, photographing the stars, teaching a workshop, taking in a Christian rock concert or swooning over a seriously good cup of organic coffee.

Anywhere I go, I chronicle my journey with my readers.

I started a “homepage” website back in 1998, and got started with blogging in 2006. There were two things that really motivated me to begin blogging.

The first was sharing our adventures and activities with friends and family that are all over the country.

The second, and what I am most known for are the recipes. Right around the time I started blogging, someone said to me that they wished there was “Home Ec” for grown-ups. Over the years I have also met many people who didn’t know how to cook, simply because they were never taught. With her words and those aspiring home cooks in mind, I intentionally write my recipes as clearly as I possibly can, so that anyone , even new cooks can understand the instructions.

In the Kitchen section you will find hundreds of recipes and step-by-step photos are included with nearly every one. I also include periodic “Cooking 101” style posts with very basic recipes or tutorials. I have a passion for teaching, and welcome questions or requests.

In the Blogging section you will find helpful tips and ideas for bloggers, editorial calendars, posts about photography, and occasional product reviews.

In the Travel section you will find things about places, locations, events and restaurants. There are subcategories including Alaska, Alabama and North Carolina, which contain posts telling the stories of things we did and saw while living in those places.

And in the Home, Garden & Life section you will find things about gardening, family life and even an occasional DIY.

My Family

This is one of my favorite family photos, taken in the mountains north of Fairbanks, Alaska after a day of fly fishing on the Chatanika river.
Family Photo 2011

This was us the day we left Alaska. I kind of didn’t want to leave.

In October 2014 my daughter got married.

My husband, kiddos and yours truly. See what I mean about them being too big for that term? They’ll always be kiddos to me!

Family 2014
I have a fat, spoiled grey tabby cat named Hickory.


And a young husky pound puppy mix name Chena.



Thanks again for stopping by, and I hope you take a few minutes to check out my recipes – or better yet, give some a try!



Below are two e-cookbooks that I have been published in that are free to download. Simply click on the images below and then save the pdf.


2015 Redstone Arsenal
Spouse of the Year
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