Always Looming | #MilitaryMonday June 4, 2012

One of the things you know as an Army family, is that there is almost always a move looming ahead in your future.

While we may still have a year left up here in the Last Frontier of Alaska, we know that a year from now we will be planning our next move. And a year is no where as long as you think it is. Summer vacation will fly by, then the school year will be busy with schooling, and before you know it, it will be here.

As any other military family, you wonder what those pieces of papers….ORDERS will say. Where will your destination be? Will it be close to family, or will you still be a long way from them? Will you be able to be there for holidays and special occasions, or will you continue to be separated by the majority of a continent, or maybe even an ocean?

We were very spoiled by being stationed at Fort Bragg for an unheard of 12 years straight. Spoiled because we were only a few hours away from at least one side of the family’s relatives. We got used to being able to see them every couple months. Then we moved to Alaska, and emotionally it has been hard. When the grandparents needed help with some manual labor, we would go for a weekend, and get to work. When we had a special occasion, they were able to come and be there for it. Now, being thousands of miles away, and not being a rich family…we are military after all… we haven’t seen them since leaving the South going on 2 years ago.

And so we wonder.

I will sit here and get online and look at all the places we could be stationed. Being a homeschooling family, state laws are extremely important to us. So I have a notebook with a list of all the states’ laws, in all the states we could realistically get orders for. We have to be prepared in case we end up in a state that has rather hostile homeschooling laws. Some states simply don’t like homeschoolers, and make it as hard as they can it seems.

Then I get online and I look at housing. Will we want to live on post or off? What is the installation like? Is the KITCHEN in the house going to be livable for me? Seriously? If you are a reader of my blog, you know how much I cook. I will get online and look at the photo galleries and "virtual tours" of the housing interiors and layouts. I will literally count cabinet doors in housing if I can! I’m terrible, I know. But hey! I’m just being real!

It can be very daunting. The thought of movers coming again, and loading our belongings up to go to a new place. Where will they be taking them?



Will my husband be preparing to deploy as soon as we arrive…again?

Will we like where we end up?

Will we be close to family?

So many things to think about, so many questions.

Could we end up in Georgia?



Or Alabama?



Or could we end up in the western part of the country? Somewhere like Fort Carson?



Or maybe right back to Fort Bragg, North Carolina?



We don’t know.

We simply have to wait, and wonder about the move that is always looming.

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  1. Kendra says

    Ugh! Hsdla has an interactive map with all of the homeschool laws. We always use that when we get the list of possible places we could end up, then we make a list. We do have friends in Georgia. At least I know two of the radiologists there. The guy that used to be here is in Georgia right now. No telling if he will still be there in a year though. Gotta love the army life. I told my hubby that I quit trying to guess where we would end up. I never would have said Alaska!

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