Army Family Team Building | #MilitaryMonday

Army Family Team Building.

Those of you in the army world out there…have you ever heard of it?

AFTB is a series of great classes offered through local Army Community Services at Army installations, to help empower new (and not-so-new) Army families to succeed. There are three different levels, for personal growth, professional growth and leadership growth.

These courses can be such a life-saver for new army spouses. Because the second you step into army life, you realize that among other things….the Army has its own language.




The Crazy Acronyms is just one of the many modules offered by AFTB.

I enjoy teaching the classes in person to family members…but what if you are a new army spouse, and your loved one is off at training…and you are no where near an army installation? Never fear!

You can take the classes online and get a head-start.
Just go to and you can get started.

But these classes aren’t just for "newbies" – they are for anyone that wants to get a better understanding of army life, they are for people who would like to strengthen personal skills, or even improve professional skills…because AFTB offers lessons on a huge variety of subjects.

Check it out sometime!


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