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Most of you have heard of the TV show “Army Wives” on Lifetime. It is a total “girly” show, and not the kind of show I normally watch. I originally started watching it, because I wanted to see how we were going to be portrayed. Then I would sit each week and pick apart the things that were not accurate.

Week #1 – you aren’t going to get married over the weekend, and move into Army Housing on Monday (Roxie, Trevor & kids.) Ain’t happening!

You know…all those “just for TV” artistic license things.

Now that the next season is gearing up to start, I am seeing lots of people complaining how the cast has changed so much, that there are only a couple original characters left.

Guess what?


Welcome to Army Life.


When I was a brand new Army Wife in 1991 (yep, that long ago) my hubby and I moved into an apartment, and I met my first army wife – making my first “army wife friend.”

2 years later, she moved to Germany.

3 months after that, we moved to Texas.

And we started all over again. We moved into a new home, we got settled into a new community, and made new friends…and 1 year later…we did it again. And a year after that. And then 5 months after that! And so on.

This IS Army Life.

When I first started watching the show, I wondered how they were going to handle the whole PCS thing. For you non-military folks….that’s a Permanent Change of Station. A military move. We ALL do it. There is no getting around it. Sometimes there is an anomaly…like us staying at Fort Bragg, North Carolina for an unheard of 12 years straight. But on average, every military family tears up their roots and starts all over again every 2-3 years. New homes, new communities, new schools for many, and new everything. So after the first season or so, when one character had orders, and then didn’t, I thought, Hmmmm. But then Pamela left. And now Roxie and others.

Again… This IS Army Life.

So while viewers may complain that their favorite characters are gone…real Army wives are lamenting their real best friend moving to Germany. Or their son’s real best friend moving to Alaska. Or their daughter’s real best friend moving to North Carolina. Over, and over, and over again.

The fact that the cast of Army Wives is changing, makes it a much more accurate depiction of what real Army Wives go through all the time.

Honestly, I appreciate that bit of accuracy.

Thank you Army Wives!

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  1. Dusti Cummins says

    I agree with you Conni. I was really surprised they went as long as they did with the main characters. And although I hated seeing my favorite characters depart I have enjoyed seeing the new ones. Just like in the real life of an Army Wife, it's tough to let go of our old friends but always rewarding to meet the new ones.

  2. says

    You got that right Conni! Real army wives know that it's not a lot of glitz and glamour, but just real folks trying to make a living, eat good and be happy! I for one say THANK YOU, because your sacrifice is just as important as his! Everyone going in different directions! But, you know what? Somehow, someway ya all come back together through love! Happy Valentines Day Army wives, I see more romantic and glamorous days in your future! And kiss the guy ya love for me and tell him I said THANKS!


  3. says

    When Alex went to West Point, I started watching the shows because all the other girlfriends did and I wondered what the hype was all about. All the hype is fake. It's overdone drama and 95% of it is fake. After being an Army Brat my entire life, the show is drama compared to the real thing.

    • Veronica Franklin says

      I watch because, even though it is so far from the truth, I am homesick for the army and the show kind of helps me cope. It also helps that there is a large ROTC program here at school, so I get to watch the groups do PT and see them around in their uniforms, and there is a base about 2 hours away that my family visits semi-regularly.

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