Around Schofield Barracks, Hawaii

While in Hawaii for the Army Family Action Plan Conference, we would have breaks at lunch to go get something to eat. Generally, we would just walk over to the PX and eat at the food court. This was the lovely view while walking over. In the mornings, this field is full of soldiers doing PT.


Even the trees in the parking lot were pretty.




Inside the PX one day, there were musicians singing and playing for us….it was Lei Day!


The first day I was over there, I had several lunch companions, of the feathered persuasion.
I thought these birds looked a lot like cardinals…and I was right! These Crested Cardinals were everywhere.


As were these Myna Birds


And these delicate-looking Zebra Doves


Backing up to the first morning of the conference, the delegates didn’t have to be there until the afternoon for our training, so my travel companion, Iris, and I went for a little drive and found the Waikele Outlets. I’m not a huge shopper, but I did find a couple great deals on blouses, and even got a pair of shoes for $1.99!

But the best part was sipping a Pina Colada fresh fruit smoothie from the shop here, enjoying it under the blue sky and palm trees.


And again, more trees with blossoms and color were everywhere.




And just a quick note…one of the best lunches I had while there, was from the grilling vendor outside on the PX sidewalk. It was Guava Chicken and Kalbi Beef.

It was actually so good, I had it two days in a row!


Those are two of the dishes that I came home and did some homework to figure out how to make myself. I looked at several different recipes for the foods, took notes and compiled what I think would be the best version….or at least I hope so! I am trying the first one tonight – Kalbi Beef. Already the marinade smelled just like the yummy short ribs I ate there in Hawaii, so I am optimistic. If it is successful, that will be the next recipe I’ll be posting here!

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