Aurora Watching

Last night we had another beautiful show of the Aurora Borealis. It was so great, that I did a very rare thing. I went home before it was over! This show kept going, and going and going. I stuck it out as long as I could, but when it got to the point that I was risking hypothermia – it was time to go. Here are a couple photos that I took last night. I took over 200 of them!



This is me under some reds.



Want to see ALL of the photos I took, from the teasing build up to when I grudgingly decided to keep my hands and toes? Check out the –> album.

…Or see a selection on the facebook page.

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  1. Joan says

    Absolutely beautiful. I always enjoy your Northern Lights pictures. I will miss them when you head to Alabama.

    • says

      I will too! They are breath-taking to experience. even if it is -4. I can't help but run out there every change I can, especially since I know that those opportunities are dwindling quickly.

  2. says

    The good Lords light show! I have seen these lights and it nearly tricks your brain into thinking it can't be real so I guess it is truly unreal! I would sleep all day and just stare at the sky all night long! I love them as much as you do! Thanks for sharing this spectacular post!

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