Sight Seeing Around Fairbanks

Today I am taking you on a little trip, back to when we lived in Alaska. This was a day we spent out in Fairbanks, during our first winter up there. My daughter made a day of it and simply went sight seeing. Enjoy! ~~~ After a day of visiting in North Pole, we headed to…

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Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis – Live!

One of the things I miss most about Alaska besides moose in the backyard and in the freezer, the fresh air, the wilderness, the salmon, the peacefulness….okay, there are quite a few things I miss about Alaska. But one of those many things I miss about Alaska is going out and braving the cold temperatures…

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The Year in Review - 2013

2013 – The Year in Review

Every year I love to take the time to go back and look at what took place in the past 365 days. January It all started with an Alaskan New Year’s party. And what was that? A massive bonfire on top of a frozen lake, 4-wheeler rides and of course real fireworks! In Alaska, they don’t…

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Homemade Fireweed Jelly from Cosmopolitan Cornbread

Fireweed Jelly | Preserving the Harvest #SundaySupper

This Sunday our Sunday Supper contributors are sharing ways to preserve the wonderful bounty we have this time of year. I thought I would take this opportunity to share something I made while we lived in Alaska – Fireweed Jelly. Fireweed is a beautiful wild flower that grows all over Alaska, as well as many…

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Farewell Fort Wainwright

Farewell Fort Wainwright–Here We Go!

Our last sunrise has come at Fort Wainwright. Today we hit the road! Heading down the Al-Can Highway – through the Yukon and British Columbia, back to the Lower 48. Over the next couple weeks, I will be sharing our journey with you. Ready or not, here we go!!!

Volunteer Awards - Fort Wainwright, Alaska

Wrapping Up Wainwright

In the past couple weeks, there has been tons going on around the Smith home. I received another completely unexpected award. Then I was “farewelled” by our troop. I was presented this lovely bowl. This is the inscription on the base. And my hubby was farewelled as well. And in the meantime…once again, everything we…

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Eagle in a Snow Storm

Eagle in a Snow Storm

Today I was running a couple errands, and saw an eagle sitting in a tree next to the river. It was snowing like crazy (still is as I write this) but I had to snap a few photos anyways.

Operation Shutterbug Photography Assignment

Photography Assignment: “Urban” | #OperationShutterbug

I admit it, this past week was a challenging theme, but this coming week’s assignment should be much easier!  What is it? URBAN. We all have things around us or in nearby towns that stimulate, textures, lines, designs distinctive to our urban areas. So go for a walk this week, and photograph those things that…

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The Joys of Moving

The Rescue

So, since we are moving many months before we were supposed to, we’ll never get the chance to see the snow melt and reveal our lawn ornaments. That means going in after them. Fun. So I went in…and dug and dug, sticking the shovel down it the snow as though I were a rescuer searching…

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Aurora Borealis

The Last One | #AuroraBorealis

This is it. This is probably the last opportunity I will ever have to see this amazing, breathtaking and glorious sight. The weather was bad – in the negatives and there were high, thin clouds that distorted the lights. But nonetheless, the show was still beautiful, and I loved every second of it. I will…

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The sun is shining. The birds are tweeting. The flowers are blooming and the grass is growing. Somewhere that isn’t here. Oh and by the way, in 2 weeks I have movers coming to pack everything we own. And you see that mountain of snow covering my yard? Yeah…I have lawn ornaments under it. Somewhere.

Operation Shutterbug

Photography Assignment: “Sunlight” | #OperationShutterbug

This week’s theme is “Sunlight.” Whether it is the effect of sunlight on your surroundings, or the way it plays through the trees, or a beautiful sunrise. Share with us your interpretation of this theme! Here are some of my “Sunlight” photos: Last week’s assignment was “Still Life” and you guys really impressed me. Here…

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Aurora Borealis

Oh Aurora, I will Miss You Too!

Yesterday morning, I made a comment on a facebook page that I hoped to get another good show before we leave Alaska. Now that spring is here, the light is returning at a super fast pace, gaining about 7 minutes a day – and soon we won’t be able to see the Aurora anymore. Well,…

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Snow Removal

Here’s the thing about living in Fairbanks, Alaska… They don’t plow much. When the snow comes in October, the plows don’t immediately rush out out to clear the roads. If your lucky, they’ll clear the main roads and highways. But the residential roads? Well, for the most part, everyone just drives on it, packs it…

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Fireweed for Fireweed Jelly

Mentally Preparing for the Move

So now that we know were we are heading next, I’m thinking about what this means for our family. Leaving Alaska in a mere 45 days, means that my “Alaska Bucket List” has now been capped. I’ll never be able to empty it of the plans we had for our remaining time here. We had…

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Aurora Borealis - Fort Wainwright, Alaska

Aurora Watching

Last night we had another beautiful show of the Aurora Borealis. It was so great, that I did a very rare thing. I went home before it was over! This show kept going, and going and going. I stuck it out as long as I could, but when it got to the point that I…

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Our latest visitor, a Bald eagle

Another Visitor–Bald Eagle

Yesterday morning, the mother and young bull returned to our back yard. But those weren’t our only visitors yesterday. In the afternoon, my neighbor called over to us, and brought this one to our attention.  

Moose in the Morning

Moose in the Morning

Last week I shared some photos of a moose in our back yard. Well, the very next day, there was not only a moose out there, but a moose with her yearling baby bull. When I woke up, I looked out the window and there they were, bedded down by the crab apple trees.  


Aurora is Teasing Us

So after weeks and weeks of bitter cold and no light sightings, Aurora finally decided to show up, when it wasn’t –51 degrees. But she was such a tease! She hid behind the clouds.


Things You Learn About REAL Cold

There are things that you learn about when you live in a climate with REAL cold weather. Of course, I’m not talking about North Carolina cold, or even Wisconsin cold. I’m talking about cold like this: Yeah, you’re reading that right. At those temperatures, you learn some things. Here’s a baker’s dozen of interesting things…

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