Visiting in East Tennessee

Visiting in East Tennessee

The other day we drove northeast to come visit Mamaw & Papaw. We came up to put the boys to work and help get some things done out in the yard. Papaw’s little shadow was out helping supervise the yard work. Just down the road from my in-laws’ house is an adorable little baby. So […]

PCS 2013: Day 5 | Dawson Creek, British Columbia

Dawson Creek & The Alaskan Highway

We spent the evening in Fort Nelson, and enjoyed this beautiful rainbow just before we went to bed. The next morning, we got up and got on the road to Dawson Creek. We spent the night there at the “Mile 0 RV Park.” I wasn’t impressed with that place. The park itself looked nice enough, […]

My First “FTF” – Geocaching


In geocaching, like all things internet…there is a lingo to be learned. You see many things like… “TNLNSL!” = Took Nothing, Left Nothing, Signed the Log” “TFTC” = Thanks for the Cache! “TFTH” – Thanks for the hunt/hide “DNF” = Did not find and the best of all, “FTF!” = FIRST TO FIND!!!!!

Historical Places & Geocaching


Over the weekend, Jennifer, Mamaw and I went geocaching one day. We went all over the area, particularly in the Blountville, TN area. We found lots of geocaches, and saw beautiful places. The first of which, was this. "Acuff’s Chapel" For you geocachers out there, Waypoint: GCNJ8W Holding my camera against the glass, and shading […]