Homemade Egg Drop Soup from The Foodie Army Wife

Homemade Egg Drop Soup | #WeekdaySupper

Sometimes you just want something simple and effortless for supper and egg drop soup fits that order perfectly with warm broth filled with swirls of delicate egg.

Past with pea sauce feature

Pasta with Pea Sauce | #WeekdaySupper #ChooseDreams

  One of the things that American Family Insurance has teamed up with us to do is to share ways to make our favorite dishes healthier. Another is to find ways to sneak the veggies into dishes, like I did with the veggie packed cake recipe that I recently shared. In keeping with that theme,…

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Veggie Omelette Cups from The Foodie Army Wife

Veggie Omelette Cups

Little omelette “muffins” packed with veggies and a touch of pancetta and cheese.

Pan Seared Lamb Chops from The Foodie Army Wife

Pan Seared Lamb Chops | #SundaySupper

Pan seared lamb chops topped with compound butter. Today the Sunday Supper team is bringing you a fantastic spread for your Passover or easter celebrations. I’m bringing you these gorgeous little lamb chops.

Crockpot Sausage Ragu from The Foodie Army Wife

Crockpot Sausage Ragu

Make a batch of this spicy Sausage Ragu in your crockpot – enough sauce for your supper tonight, as well as enough to go in the freezer for future meals.

In a Jiffy Baked Mac & Cheese

In a Jiffy Baked Mac & Cheese

Sometimes simple is better. I make baked “Mac & Cheese” a couple of different ways, but this particular version is not only the simplest, but my favorite of all.

Twice Baked Potatoes

Twice Baked Potatoes

What I love about twice baked potatoes, is that you can not only have these as a side dish, but also serve as supper itself. The potatoes can also be baked ahead of time, and fished up in a flash for a weeknight meal.

Homemade Pan Pizza

Homemade Pan Pizza | Celebrating Domesticity

When it comes to homemade pizza, there are many different styles and tastes. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a crispy flatbread pizza, but other times I want a thick, bready, filling crust – and when I do – this is the pizza for that!


Sausage Gravy

Biscuits and Gravy is a favorite dish around here – and made more often for “Breakfast for Dinner” than for actual breakfast! Here is how to make this simple partner for your biscuits.


Bacon Potato Torte

I love, love, love this recipe. A flaky pie crust, creamy potatoes & apple wood smoked bacon. What’s not to love? Bacon Potato Torte   Print Ingredients Dough for double crust pie 4 cups sliced Potatoes (Red or Gold) 5 sliced thick-cut Apple wood-Smoke Bacon 1 cup grated Gruyere Cheese 1 cup Half & Half…

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Quesadillas…Your Way! | #SundaySupper

The school year is getting ready to start up here in our house, and if your home is anything like ours, it is about to get very busy! I fast and simple meal for the weeknight is definitely called for, and this is about as simple as it gets.

Pizza Muffins from The Foodie Army Wife

Pizza Muffins

I made these the other night for my kids to have for dinner when hubby and I headed to the ball. I made them in the afternoon, and all they had to do was warm them up, and warm up the pizza sauce for dipping.