Insta-Highlights for May

Here are some of my favorite pictures that I snapped on Instagram in the last month. The things you see at a rest stop in Tennessee. #giantcow #mayfieldmilk #tennessee #roadtrip #travel A photo posted by Constance J Smith ☕ (@cosmopolitancornbread) on May 3, 2015 at 10:21am PDT Jack and his best buddy, Silas the cat….

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Insta-Highlights of April

Insta-Highlights for April

Taking a look at my favorite pics from instagram in the month of April…with my Insta-highlights. Dropping my hubby off at the airport. Bye for now honey! @mooseslayer A photo posted by Constance J Smith ☕ (@cosmopolitancornbread) on Apr 28, 2015 at 8:21am PDT The Deen brothers are in town with @foodnetwork today filming, and…

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Insta-Highlights of the Week

Here are a few of the highlights from Instagram this week. Fixing my hair for a luncheon I’m off to…. #ArmyWife #volunteerism A photo posted by Constance J Smith ☕ (@cosmopolitancornbread) on Apr 6, 2015 at 10:11am PDT


Snow Day

Last night I shared a post filled with photos from the snow that had arrived in Northern Alabama. This morning I got up, donned my snow boots and gloves and headed out for a walk.

Snow in Northern Alabama

Snow in Northern Alabama

Northern Alabama finally got a good serving of the fluffy white stuff. I had expected to wake up to it in the morning, but when the snow finally arrived, it came full on.


Tonight in Huntsville

Have I mentioned how much I miss photographing the Aurora Borealis? I guess the moon will just have to suffice.

My Day in Photos

My Day in Photos

Every once in a while, I’ll do a post like this…and just as the title implies – this is my day in photos. Get up.

Foto Friday

In the Yard

For your enjoyment, I thought I would share some recent photos that I took out in the yard.  


The Prom 2014

This past weekend was the local Homeschool Prom. Now my elder son has already graduated from High School, but his sweetie has not, so they went to the prom together. The theme this year was the roaring 20’s – sort of a “speakeasy” feel. I took a bunch of photos of them together all gussied…

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A Photo Shoot at Huntsville Botanical Gardens

A Photo Shoot at Huntsville Botanical Gardens

Yesterday I went to the Huntsville Botanical Gardens with a friend to do some photos for her. Katherine’s starting her own business and needed to get some photos for her website, and I was thrilled to do the honors for this amazing and talented young lady. We did some professional profile photos in various places…

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At Bays Mountain Park

A Walk at Bays Mountain Park

Last month, my family went on a little trip up to Tennessee to visit with family. On this particular trip, my son brought along his sweet girlfriend to meet the grandparents and see northeast Tennessee.  On one of the days we were up there, we headed to Bays Mountain Park in Kingsport. It is impossible…

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My Daughter - Downtown Huntsville

My Daughter–Downtown Huntsville

Yesterday my daughter and I went to downtown Huntsville, and I spent some time doing a little “photo shoot” in between the rain showers. While we were there, crew members we decorating the park for Christmas. This is my favorite. I can’t believe she is about to turn 21 years old! Where does the time…

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Operation Shutterbug - History

#OperationShutterbug | History

This past week, the theme for our photography group was “History.” This photo is a millstone pair that sits on my inlaws property. These stones milled the grains for all the farmers around “back in the day.” A beautiful old cabin in a cemetery, in Church Hill, Tennessee. Historical marker along 11W in NE Tennessee….

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#OperationShutterbug - Peaceful


This past week, the theme for #OperationShutterbug was “Peaceful.” Here are some lovely photos share in our facebook group this week for the theme! This coming week, the assignment is HISTORY Every week a new theme is announced, then photographers can interpret this theme and upload their own photos in response. This project is open…

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New Photo Assignment: HOT! | #OperationShutterbug

New Photo Assignment: HOT! | #OperationShutterbug

I’m a little late getting this posted, but here is this week’s #OperationShutterbug post! This past week, our assignment was “Stone.” Here are a couple photos that I have to share. Here are some lovely STONE photos that were shared on the group page on facebook. From Erain Garcia Panning for gold. One of the…

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Morning - OperationShutterbug

New Photo Assignment: STONE | #OperationShutterbug

This past week’s assignment was “morning.” I didn’t get the chance to take very many pictures this week, as the weather was less than cooperative. But I did take a couple morning related photos to share. However, my favorite “morning” photo to share with you today, is one submitted on the facebook page from Christina…

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Operation Shutterbug

Foto-Friday: #OperationShutterbug is back! | “Morning”

After a bit of a hiatus from the move, #OperationShutterbug is back! This week’s theme is: Morning. Every week a new theme is announced, then photographers can interpret this theme and upload their own photos in response. This project is open to everyone that loves to take photographs, no matter your skill level. Where do…

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Operation Shutterbug - GREEN

Photography Assignment; “Green” | #OperationShutterbug

This week’s assignment is GREEN. Whether this is the color green, or any other meaning you would like to give it. This week, I look forward to seeing your green interpretations! Share your photos on the facebook page! Like this one from Trisha… “Doggie Eyes” Every week a new theme is announced, then photographers can…

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Photography Assignments

Photography Assignment: “Eyes” | #OperationShutterbug

This week, the photography theme is one that we could have a lot of fun with. You could interpret this one very loosely. What is the theme? Eyes! A few examples I have to share, are some photos that I took of our feline family member. Last week’s assignment was Urban. Here are a couple…

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Operation Shutterbug Photography Assignment

Photography Assignment: “Urban” | #OperationShutterbug

I admit it, this past week was a challenging theme, but this coming week’s assignment should be much easier!  What is it? URBAN. We all have things around us or in nearby towns that stimulate, textures, lines, designs distinctive to our urban areas. So go for a walk this week, and photograph those things that…

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