German Potato Salad

Summertime Salads

The hot weather is arriving, summer is almost here and in no time we’ll be having cook outs, barbecues and picnics. Here are some of my favorite side dishes to serve during the summer months – from potato salads to slaws.


Our Favorite Potato Salad

I know you must think that I am crazy for sharing our favorite potato salad in the middle of winter, but what can I say? I love potato salad, and will make it any time of year.

Homemade Egg Drop Soup from The Foodie Army Wife

Homemade Egg Drop Soup | #WeekdaySupper

Sometimes you just want something simple and effortless for supper and egg drop soup fits that order perfectly with warm broth filled with swirls of delicate egg.

Four Must Have Thanksgiving Casseroles

Four Must-Have Thanksgiving Casseroles

I don’t know about you, but one of the best parts of the Thanksgiving feast, is all of the wonderful casseroles on the side. Here are my must-have casseroles that are served up every year!

Homestyle Coleslaw

Homestyle Coleslaw

Even those who claim to hate all coleslaw, find themselves asking me for this recipe. Most recently this occurred at my daughter’s wedding, where I served my “famous” Carolina Style BBQ Pulled Pork as the main attraction. I’ve been making this slaw for years, yet for some reason I never remember to take photos of…

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Green Bean Casserole from The Foodie Army Wife

Green Bean Casserole

The holidays are just around the corner and every Thanksgiving this is a prerequisite dish in our house – classic Green Bean Casserole, with a boost of flavor.

Leichter Kartoffelsalat - German Summer Potato Salad from The Foodie Army Wife for #SundaySupper

Leichter Kartoffelsalat for #SundaySupper with Idaho® Potatoes

The warm weather is arriving all over the country – even for my friends up in Alaska! And with warm weather comes cookouts of all kinds. No cookout is complete without a good potato salad, so today the Sunday Supper team has joined with Idaho® Potatoes to bring you some great potato salad inspiration!  …

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Super Simple Corn Salad

Sometimes you come across a recipe that is so simple, or the ingredients are so odd, that you simply dismiss it with no intention of ever making it.  Well, this would be one of those recipes, had I not tasted it before ever laying eyes on the recipe. Last summer I was at a friend’s…

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Orzo Salad

So the other day I recorded a vlog, and in it I shared my orzo salad that I was having for lunch. I made it the night before and was just “throwing it together” so I didn’t photograph it properly…but I’ve now updated it for you! To begin, cook 8 ounces of orzo according to…

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Twice Baked Potatoes

Twice Baked Potatoes

What I love about twice baked potatoes, is that you can not only have these as a side dish, but also serve as supper itself. The potatoes can also be baked ahead of time, and fished up in a flash for a weeknight meal.

Carrot Slaw from The Foodie Army Wife

Carrot Slaw | #SundaySupper

Every so often I like to mix things up a bit and serve an a-typical slaw at barbecues and other outdoor get-togethers. This carrot slaw certainly fits the bill!

Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole from The Foodie Army Wife

Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole

A couple weeks ago, I was running errands and found myself in a little local grocery store, and starving to death! Okay not really, but my stomach was noisily complaining and I realized I had not eaten all day. So I moseyed on over to the deli area to see if there was anything that…

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Warm German Potato Salad from Cosmopolitan Cornbread

Warm German Potato Salad | #SundaySupper

I’m so excited to finally be participatiing in another Sunday Supper! I haven’t had the pleasure since we left Alaska, and at last I am settled in my new home and life can get back to normal – just in time for summer! And speaking of summer, today’s Sunday Supper is all about the Summer…

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Zucchini Corn Fritters from Cosmopolitan Cornbread

Zucchini Corn Fritters

Zucchini Corn Fritters have a wonderful crunch on the outside, and all the goodness of fresh zucchini on the inside.

Corn Casserole from The Foodie Army Wife

Corn Casserole | #SundaySupper

It’s time for a culinary trip down memory lane! This week, I am sharing a family favorite. I grew up having this dish at every major holiday. To some, Thanksgiving smells like Turkey – for me, it is the smell of Corn Casserole. For some Christmas smells like a goose or ham baking. For me,…

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Beautiful Baked Risotto | #Cooking50States–Arkansas

The other day I mentioned to my husband that this week I would be featuring Arkansas for my #Cooking50States tour. When I did, his eyes lit up and he said, “Arkansas!? Stuttgart, Arkansas is the duck and rice capital of the world! Hunters dream of hunting ducks there!” Well, I am not a fan of…

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Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Homemade Cranberry Sauce for Thanksgiving

This past Autumn, I went on several berry-picking expeditions out in the tundra. On one of the trips, I picked scads of cranberries for just this reason. There is nothing better, and simpler, than homemade cranberry sauce.


Throw-Together Macaroni Salad

Now that summer is here, cold side dishes are must-have recipes. This particular one is my super-fast, very easy macaroni salad.


Texas Toast

There’s no need to buy the box in the freezer section, when it is ridiculously easy to make it at home.


Cheese Puff Sticks

These super-easy cheese sticks make a great side dish for with dinner….or even an afternoon snack.  


Cheesy Feta Olive Bread

I just love this bread. It has Mozzarella, Feta, Olives…it is so good, I’d just as soon skip the dinner and have the bread!