Down to the River

When we came home on Wednesday from checking our fish traps, I had received an e-mail asking if we would like to accompany the Youth Corp the next day at one of our sites, to do some seining. We jumped on it!



By the way, Jennifer was on photographer duty again today, so most of the photos were taken by her.

Seining (pronounced “Sane-ing”) is using a large net and walking it through the water, and then closing it off like a fence.



Then you look to see what might have been corralled inside.


On this one, I went out with another mom, and we pulled the net through. I kind of selected an area that I knew to be very active with fish (since this is our study site, I was a little familiar with it.)


In dragging the net along the bottom of the river, we actually grabbed ahold of a couple HUGE rocks, which made it very difficult. But if you lift the net up, the fish could sneak underneath. So we just pulled and pulled, until we got it around to shore.





But it was worth it. This round netted LOTS of fish!


We ended up with several buckets full of little fish.


After spending some time counting and identifying, the little ones were all released, and then the seining proceeded a couple more times.




This one netted an adult Grayling! You can see him next to my shoe.


This one measured 8 inches at the fork (the indentation of the tail.)


Have I ever mentioned that I wanted to be a Biologist? I was totally in my element yesterday. I think I had even more fun than the kids!


Thanks to Fairbanks’ Department of Fish & Wildlife for inviting us out!

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