Mentally Preparing for the Move

So now that we know were we are heading next, I’m thinking about what this means for our family.

Leaving Alaska in a mere 45 days, means that my “Alaska Bucket List” has now been capped. I’ll never be able to empty it of the plans we had for our remaining time here. We had big, big plans for this final summer up here. We weren’t supposed to leave until autumn, but now we’ll be leaving before summer even arrives.

Leaving means we won’t be able to visit the Arctic Circle.

We won’t get the chance to go to Valdez again for the amazing salmon run where we saw the eagles, sea lions, sea otters and GRIZZLIES.

We won’t get the chance to set foot on a glacier.

We won’t head down to the Kenai Peninsula, or eat at the famous Moose’s Tooth.

I won’t get the chance to make another batch of Fireweed Jelly, or pick blueberries on the tundra.


And most of all…you remember this adventure?

The moose hunting trip? The trip that was supposed to be MY hunt? But Mr. Antsy Pants jumped up and shot before I could even blink?

Harvesting Moose - Alaska

Yep. It means I’ll be leaving Alaska without MY OWN set of antlers!

I want to cry.

So I’m trying to see the positives, and forget about the missed opportunities. While we have had some plans shredded, there are many perks to this as well. We are getting the  exact assignment we wanted – which is why our date changed. It was open NOW not later.

In Alabama, the flowering trees are already blooming. Their lows are warmer than our highs.

Since living in Alaska, I’ve gained a few pounds. I like to call this my Alaska Insulation. Most people I know have also added a pound or ten since PCSing up here. Having been in the South most of my adult life, where we could get out and hike and geocache and lots of other outdoor activities for most of the year – then moving here where I have been stuck indoors for about 8 months of the year…well, it hasn’t been kind. And I HATE the gym! I have issues with my hands and cold, and never found anything that would keep my hands from suffering excruciating pain from the cold. Even snowmobiling mittens with “hot hands” in them didn’t do the trick. (That tells you how much I love the Aurora Borealis, to suffer it out to see them!) So I’m looking forward to the more welcoming environment, where I can shed this insulation that I will definitely not need down there! Oh, and the geocaches won’t be frozen under 2 feet of snow and ice! YAY!!!

Oh! And I’ll be able to get rid of this pasty white complexion. When I went to Hawaii last spring, I came back burnt. Later, I looked at myself in the mirror and tried to figure out what was on my face. Holey Socks!! I forgot I had freckles!! And normally my hair is a strawberry blonde to light auburn. Up here with the lack of sunlight, it is barely even reddish – more brown.

AND – when we settle down and find our own place, I’ll be able to have chickens again!!! I miss my girls!


And you know what else I have missed? Thunderstorms!



So that’s where I’m at. Looking at the positives, trying to forget about how much I am going to miss this amazing place and how the Army’s timing messing up our plans again, and looking forward to what is ahead of us.

This coming week we should have orders in hand, and then the real fun will begin!

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  1. Joan says

    On the positive side, you can always plan a vacation in Alaska. While you are vacation there, after a long hot summer in Alabama, you can visit the Arctic Circle, walk on a glacier and even get your own set of antlers. Now that would be some vacation!

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