Our Camper is Cursed

I have decided that our camper is cursed.

You remember our camper? The one we spent so much time searching for, and finally traveled to Tennessee to buy for our trip across the continent, from North Carolina to Alaska?


Yeah…that one?

Well, I have decided that it is cursed.
Every single time we plan on going camping, it rains.

Every. Single. Time.

When we did our epic adventure, putting 5,000 miles on our van, we traveled for 21 days. It rained 18 of them. And we aren’t talking a little rain, we are talking tropical storms, monsoon weather! In Indianapolis, we had tornadoes all around us! It was insane!!!

It didn’t rain while we were in the Badlands. And it didn’t rain in Cache Creek, BC. It rained everywhere else!

Last summer there was one camping episode where we had a 10 day forecast of 0% chance of rain. That’s right, a 0% chance!!!

What happened? You guessed it. Thankfully it only rained at night, so the daytime was good, but we listened to the rain on the camper while we slept. I almost wouldn’t know what it was like to sleep in our camper without that sound.



There was another time we went camping last summer, where it didn’t rain on us, but it stormed upriver, raising the water levels so much we couldn’t even go back out to fish. Thank goodness I had had the boys bring their fishing poles and chairs and everything off the gravel bar the night before. Had they left them like they’d planned…there would have been no retrieving them.

Though some of the gravel bar was still above water, the little "stream" of water that we waded through to get to it, was no stream…it was a raging river.



So this week we made plans to go camping for Memorial Day weekend. Now we don’t just get rain when we pull out the camper to go camping with our camper…we get rain when we talk about pulling out our camper.
So want to know what it looked like when we drove out to attempt to camp?



It has been terribly dry here in Interior Alaska. Allergies have been horrible, the humidity has been miserably dry.
But we pulled out the camper.

And it rained.

You’re welcome Alaska.

Just doing our part.


So what are your plans for Memorial Day Weekend?

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  1. Kendra says

    Our camper doubles as guest quarters in the summer. When I cleaned it out I could barely bring myself to set foot in it after living in it with 4 kids and 2 dogs for 2 months.

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