Out and About in Huntsville

Yesterday was a busy day for me, and today will be nearly as such. It started off with my usual Thursday bible study with a great group of ladies. Then later that evening I headed off to the Sip & Hatch event. Unfortunately I was only able to stay a short while, because I had already signed up for a painting class when I found out about it.

But while I was there I was able to chat with some great people, like these two here. The fun lady there on the left is Michelle from Pizzelle’s Confections, and the friendly guy there on the right is Conner from Piper & Leaf.


Anyone that follows me on Instagram, knows I post pics in reference to these two quite often. Piper & Leaf tea is a requirement for me EVERY time I go to a food truck event ….or frankly any time I see their stand.

I wish I could have stayed to hear their presentations, but sadly I had to pull myself away and go to my painting class at Spirited Arts…which was a BLAST.

Coming along…


My friend Amy. Go Amy! Go Amy!


Our finished paintings.


You can see my vlog about the day here:

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