Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis – Live!

One of the things I miss most about Alaska besides moose in the backyard and in the freezer, the fresh air, the wilderness, the salmon, the peacefulness….okay, there are quite a few things I miss about Alaska. But one of those many things I miss about Alaska is going out and braving the cold temperatures…

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Aurora Borealis

The Last One | #AuroraBorealis

This is it. This is probably the last opportunity I will ever have to see this amazing, breathtaking and glorious sight. The weather was bad – in the negatives and there were high, thin clouds that distorted the lights. But nonetheless, the show was still beautiful, and I loved every second of it. I will…

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Aurora Borealis

Oh Aurora, I will Miss You Too!

Yesterday morning, I made a comment on a facebook page that I hoped to get another good show before we leave Alaska. Now that spring is here, the light is returning at a super fast pace, gaining about 7 minutes a day – and soon we won’t be able to see the Aurora anymore. Well,…

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Aurora Borealis - Fort Wainwright, Alaska

Aurora Watching

Last night we had another beautiful show of the Aurora Borealis. It was so great, that I did a very rare thing. I went home before it was over! This show kept going, and going and going. I stuck it out as long as I could, but when it got to the point that I…

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Aurora is Teasing Us

So after weeks and weeks of bitter cold and no light sightings, Aurora finally decided to show up, when it wasn’t –51 degrees. But she was such a tease! She hid behind the clouds.


2012–The Year in Review

It has been quite a year! I’d like to take a moment and look back at all the highlights from throughout 2012. January In January, we went on a road trip, the farthest west we have been in Alaska. We literally drove to the end of the road in the little village of Manley Hot…

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Curse You Ice Fog!!!

Tonight is something that does not happen very often. A Solar Storm! Up in the sky is an AMAZING display of color and beauty….but what do I have? Ice Fog. I went out tonight and hoped to see some good displays, but no luck. I did take a couple pictures, but it was so sad,…

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The Aurora Borealis

For those of you that have just found me, let me share again, that I live in Alaska. Up here we have the amazing opportunity to experience the handiwork of God up close and personal. I don’t get much sleep because of it. Why? Because I am running out in arctic temperatures, tripod and camera…

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Aurora Borealis Encore

Tonight, I headed out to see if I could get a few more Aurora Borealis pictures. The lights were pale, but there. The wind was seriously kicking, and making the photos hard to take. But despite that, I got a couple pictures – I love when I see "reds."  


Aurora Borealis

Monday night, the Aurora Borealis gave another beautiful show!