Mocha Waffles from The Foodie Army Wife

Mocha Waffles

Delicious waffles infused with the flavor of coffee and chocolate. Mocha waffles are a delightful way to start your morning.

Apple Fritter Waffles from The Foodie Army Wife

Apple Fritter Waffles

Apple season is just around the corner and here is a great way for you to enjoy them. I combined two of my favorite things – waffles and apple fritters to create these apple fritter waffles.

Cinnamon Swirl Buttermilk Quick Bread from The Foodie Army Wife

Cinnamon Swirl Buttermilk Quick Bread

A moist buttermilk quick bread with cinnamon swirled through the center and crunchy cinnamon top. This is a quick bread but will remind you of a nice coffee cake.

Hearty Herbed Italian Bread from The Foodie Army Wife

Hearty Herbed Italian Bread

This is a great bread to side with Italian-style dishes. You can use it for Stromboli, Garlic Bread, or whatever you like.

Cinnamon Rolls with Brown Sugar Glaze

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls | #SundaySupper

This week the Sunday Supper team is having a “Thankful Sunday.” Cinnamon Rolls have become a tradition in recent years in my house. I’ll make these early on Thanksgiving morning for the family to enjoy while we are busy in the kitchen getting everything else going our feast. This year, I am thankful for my…

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Bavarian Soft Pretzels from Cosmopolitan Cornbread

Bavarian Soft Pretzels | #SundaySupper

Today, the Sunday Supper is traveling around the world and bringing you global street food! When we lived in Germany, there were food trucks that you would see here and there that had some of the most amazing foods you could imagine. The ice cream truck with the super-creamy fresh, hazelnut ice cream, or the…

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Basic Homemade Bread

Basic Homemade Bread

A few years ago, I shared my basic bread recipe on my old blog – back when we still lived in North Carolina. Man, was that a lifetime ago! Well, I thought I would share that post here. This is that original post from 2010. This is our family’s basic bread. It is the staple…

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Homemade Tortillas from The Foodie Army

Homemade Tortillas

Homemade tortillas are not only simple to make, they are ridiculously delicious. Every time I make these, I have to ban the family from the kitchen because a plain tortilla will grow legs and leap into someone’s mouth…repeatedly…leaving none for the meal I am making!

Bacon Cheddar Bread from The Foodie Army Wife

Bacon Cheddar Bread

Bacon cheddar bread is a moist and flavorful bread, sure to please the carni-carbivores in your family. Several years ago I began baking breads for my family. I started out with the typical bread machine, but discovered that the breads were often very dense, hard and not very good. Later, I discovered that you could…

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Orange Cranberry Bread from The Foodie Army Wife

Orange Cranberry Bread

  A few years ago, when we moved to Alaska from North Carolina, I was very excited about the change. We had been stationed at Fort Bragg for 12 years and had grown to see it as home, but a new adventure was ahead of us. After all those years in one place, we were…

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Portuguese Sweet Bread

This delicious bread is such a treat in our house. It is lightly sweet, soft and delicious. By the time I am done baking the second loaf, the first one is usually almost gone!


Skillet Cheddar Biscuits

These simple and tasty biscuits have made an appearance in my kitchen 3 times in the past couple weeks. My husband loves them, and hides any leftovers from the kids…so he can have them with lunch the next day. Unfortunately for him, my tallest child knows where his hiding spot is.


Texas Toast

There’s no need to buy the box in the freezer section, when it is ridiculously easy to make it at home.