Fishing at the Tennessee River

Fishing at the Tennessee River

The other day my husband, youngest and I grabbed the dog and the fishing poles and headed down to the Tennessee River at a recreational area on Redstone Arsenal.  The water was really, really low on this particular day. Griff really didn’t care though, he loves being outside. While the guys fished, I walked around,…

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Korean Ribs

I’m going to share with you a simple recipe that I made for the first night on our fishing trip to beautiful Valdez, Alaska. Can you imagine fishing with this kind of a view?


Salmon Fishing in Valdez

This past weekend, we headed out on a fishing trip in Valdez, way down at the coast. My husband went to Valdez for a charter boat fishing trip, but this was my first time down. The area we were going to be fishing, was near a hatchery where gazillions of baby salmon are released every…

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Angel Rocks Trail

The other day, the kiddos and I went for a hike at the Angel Rocks Trail, about an hour from Fairbanks. On the way there, we saw some moose.


The Valdez Trip

On Monday, I shared with you how my husband had gone down to Valdez for a Military Appreciation fishing trip out on the waters off the coast of Alaska. When he arrived home, I got the photos off of the camera that he took with him….the few that he took. Apparently I didn’t train him…

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Military Appreciation in Valdez, Alaska

Today, my husband is down in Valdez, Alaska. He has been there all weekend, and will be heading home soon as I type this post. He went down to Valdez with a friend and neighbor. Why? Because once a year, the fishermen and charter boats get together to say Thank You! to the military. My…

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Foto Friday

These are some pics I took this week. Some were taken with my camera, others were taken with my phone.


Fresh Air, Fishing & a Friend

The other day, my husband and I took the boys down the road to the river so they could do some fishing. It is so nice to finally be able to get out and not have to completely bundle up.


2011 – The Year in Review

It’s that time of year again! Time for the second Annual “Year in Review!” This year, we had a “Ya-Ya” Army Sisterhood social…


The Fishermen | 14 April 2010

Over the weekend, my husband’s parents came for a visit. Mamaw, Jennifer and I went geocaching, and the "menfolk" went fishing. The first day, they headed to the stable to fish there. Papaw caught a nice bass. They also saw a sight to behold. BILLIONS of tadpoles! They lined the entire pond, wiggling and squirming….

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