PCS 2013: Days 11-13 Northern California, Nevada and Utah

PCS 2013

Our next leg of the trip took us east through northern California and into Nevada. This was the beautiful Trinity River that we followed along Highway 299 for miles and miles. Coming into Redding, this was definitely not Alaska anymore! We drove through beautiful tree nut groves and farms and the headed up in elevation […]

Whirlpool Canyon, Along the Alaskan Highway

Whirlpool Canyon - Alaskan Highway

On our drive down the Alcan, we made a stop at Milepost 516 at a small rest stop along side what is called “Whirlpool Canyon.” Whirlpool canyon is a section of the Liard River where massive rapids form whirlpools, and “icebergs”,” logs and more get swirled around and around. The area is amazingly beautiful, so […]