The Great Redwood Forest

PCS 2013: Day 10 – The Magnificent Redwoods

When I last checked in with you all, we were in Oregon, and our next stop, was the magnificent Great Redwood forest. That morning we got up and headed through Grant’s Pass, Oregon – a lovely little town, and headed South and West.


PCS 2013: Day 4 | To Fort Nelson, British Columbia #Wildlife

Holey Socks! When we came up here three years ago, this leg of the trip we saw more wildlife than any other part – and let me say, it was a repeat performance. Just outside of town, we passed this sign. 10 minutes later, we saw a couple wild horses. Wild horses and…what is that…

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Eagle in a Snow Storm

Eagle in a Snow Storm

Today I was running a couple errands, and saw an eagle sitting in a tree next to the river. It was snowing like crazy (still is as I write this) but I had to snap a few photos anyways.

Our latest visitor, a Bald eagle

Another Visitor–Bald Eagle

Yesterday morning, the mother and young bull returned to our back yard. But those weren’t our only visitors yesterday. In the afternoon, my neighbor called over to us, and brought this one to our attention.  

Moose in the Morning

Moose in the Morning

Last week I shared some photos of a moose in our back yard. Well, the very next day, there was not only a moose out there, but a moose with her yearling baby bull. When I woke up, I looked out the window and there they were, bedded down by the crab apple trees.  


Harvesting a Moose

Just a gentle reminder…harvesting an animal is not pretty business. If you are weak-stomached, or don’t know where meat comes from, this is your final warning to skip this post. ~ end public service announcement ~


Opening Day of Moose Season

Over the weekend, my husband and sons and I, headed out to Fort Greely…around a hundred miles south of where we live, to go on a hunting trip. It was opening day of the general season for moose here in Alaska. We saw lots of them, too!


The Sea Lions

The first night that we were down in Valdez, after I saw that amazing mama bear and her 4 cubs…and while the menfolk were doing their first stint of salmon fishing, I kept seeing these strange shapes out in the water. I could tell they were some kind of animal because they were moving, but…

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The Sea Otters

While I was standing in one particular place there in Valdez, looking at 9 eagles, some movement in the corner of my eye caught my attention. Peek-a-boo, I see you!


The Eagles

The other day I was mentioning how we weren’t the only ones who were fishing, and I shared the photos of the gorgeous Grizzly sow and her 4 cubs. Well, here are the feathered "fishermen" that were absolutely EVERYWHERE.


The Grizzlies

As I mentioned, we weren’t the only ones out there fishing for salmon in Valdez. We were joined by many in the animal kingdom, and this one paid a visit that very first night. A mama grizzly bear with….count those cubs!


Salmon Fishing in Valdez

This past weekend, we headed out on a fishing trip in Valdez, way down at the coast. My husband went to Valdez for a charter boat fishing trip, but this was my first time down. The area we were going to be fishing, was near a hatchery where gazillions of baby salmon are released every…

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A Trip to Denali

This year the National Parks are offering a special pass, where military members and families can visit all 397 national parks for free! (Find out more!) We took advantage of it this past weekend, and went to Denali National Park.


Foto Friday

These are some pics I took this week. Some were taken with my camera, others were taken with my phone.


Fresh Air, Fishing & a Friend

The other day, my husband and I took the boys down the road to the river so they could do some fishing. It is so nice to finally be able to get out and not have to completely bundle up.


A Successful Caribou Hunt

This weekend my husband went on a hunt with some of his co-workers. I’m happy to say it was a good weekend. And though I love to hunt, sleeping like this is not my idea of a vacation.

Salmon Study

The Salmon Study

Yesterday morning we headed out to do our weekly study with the Department of Fish & Wildlife out of Fairbanks. All of these photos were taken by my daughter Jennifer. This is one of the agents we have been working with. The river had come up quite a bit since the day before, so many…

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Some People See Squirrels

Some people see squirrels along side the road when they are driving home. Here, we certainly see squirrels….but we also see other things. Much, much bigger things. Yesterday, my daughter and I were going home from post, and we saw those large things about half a mile from our house. We were going across a…

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PCS: Still on the Road in Canada – Wildlife!

Over the next two days driving in Canada, we saw LOTS of wildlife! It was very exciting! After staying in Taylor, we next stayed in Fort Nelson for a night. As was becoming so common it was a tragedy….it again…RAINED. But we still got some wonderful views.