Eating out in Huntsville: The Eaves

So the other day, I went out to eat with some friends at The Eaves in Huntsville.

I had “The Acropolis” (a gyro) with red potato salad. ($14.99) To drink I had mango sweet tea, which was delicious.

The gyro was very good. The lamb was tender and the bread fresh and airy with nice flavor. My only issue with it, was that it needed more of the dressing. There was way too much gyro for that little drizzle of sauce. I ordered extra, and really could have ordered double extra. Otherwise it was a good gyro. I love potato salad, but in my taste this one could have used a little less bell pepper and a little more potato, and I honestly thought it was a little bland. It needed something.

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The portion size for my gyro was very generous. Someone mentioned prior to this lunch that the portion sizes were fairly large, and I would agree. I thought this salad was very creatively done – served in a colander. It’s definitely a salad for two (even though it isn’t.) I mean, what one person could possibly eat that much salad? But it is certainly adorably presented and looks delicious.

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I decided to splurge for dessert and coffee. The dessert I had was some sort of chocolate mousse brownie dessert with strawberry and I believe a strawberry sauce to drizzle over it. I never saw it on the menu so I forget what it was called. It was beautifully served. The flavor was good, but it wasn’t a light and airy dessert, a little heavy. I could only eat about 1/3 of it. Just way too dense for my taste.

The only thing that I had that I really didn’t like was the coffee.  I’ll be honest, I am a bit of a coffee snob. The coffee was so strong, it put me in the mind of “trucker coffee.” Even with 4 of the little “cups” of half & half in it there was very little change in the color of the liquid in the cup.  I couldn’t really drink it.
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The staff was very friendly and professional. The food came fairly quickly, even though we were a large party, and they had a room where we were able to sort of close ourselves off from the rest of the restaurant and have our meeting without disturbing other patrons.

So all in all, the food was good, the portions filled you up, and the atmosphere was nice.

I would give The Eaves a 4 out of 5.


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