We’ve Been Busy

In the last week, we went on a trip to Valdez, Alaska – down by the coast to do some salmon fishing …of course I also did GOBS of picture-taking, and a little geocaching as well. I have already shared pictures from the drive down. But I have so many more to share for all the nature-lovers out there.

Salmon for the grill!


But that isn’t all we have been doing…


The day after we got back, we began loading up everything we owned, and started MOVING!!!

Yep, we were called a month ahead of time, and offered a brand-new military house on Fort Wainwright. It was so new, the day we got the keys, they had to haul in the dirt for the lawn!



Grow! Baby grass, Grow!



Monday we spent about 3/4 of the day packing and moving, and the other quarter of the day packing and freezing LOTS of salmon! So today is day 4 of the moving process. The house is coming together. Here is my new kitchen.




By the way, did you know there was this little sports event going on, called the Olympics? Glad the cable & internet wasn’t on until today because I would have lost my muscle men long before we were done!



My dining room.




And my favorite new room…on the second floor is a large "family room" that all of the bedrooms, laundry room and main bath spoke off of. It is my studio/office!

Ahhh…. a MOM room!


Don’t worry guys, there is a MAN CAVE too. My boys actually like sharing a room, which means we have a spare bedroom. (Seriously, how many 14 & 17 year olds do you know that would want to share a bedroom with their siblings? By boys are best of friends "Mom-heart-swell-moment" ) In the "man cave" are games and computers, and man stuff galore.

We have one piece of furniture left to move, and that is a book case. Then it is just a matter of the move-out cleaning, and we are DONE! Yay!!! I’ll also be able to share some AMAZING pictures with you.

And by the way, this Sunday our Sunday Supper group will be having some AWESOME give-aways from Merrell – you know, the outdoor people? I can’t wait, and you will LOVE it!

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