Wrapping Up Wainwright

In the past couple weeks, there has been tons going on around the Smith home. I received another completely unexpected award.

photo (9)_edited-1


Then I was “farewelled” by our troop. I was presented this lovely bowl.

photo (11)_edited-1

This is the inscription on the base.

photo (8)_edited-1

And my hubby was farewelled as well.

photo (10)_edited-1

And in the meantime…once again, everything we owned was loaded up.


And it all drove away to meet us in Alabama…prayerfully intact.

photo (7)_edited-1

I saw my last sunrise from my home on Fort Wainwright. At 4 am.


Oh, and by the way, while we wait out the last couple days here in Alaska at the hotel, Mother Nature has decided we needed a little more excitement. As though moving wasn’t anxiety-inducing enough, we are being continually greeted each day with snow falling from the sky. I saw a truck and camper today as we came back to the hotel. The truck and camper were covered with snow and ice. I saw the driver checking in at the front desk, and inquired as to where he had just arrived from. Yep, you guessed it. He came from the direction we are going in a few days – and told us that the roads are brutal. Joy! Don’t you love traveling in a blizzard a couple weeks from summer? We knew this trip would be exciting and adventurous – but goodness gracious!

And so, here we are. In a couple days we’ll be on the road! Ready or not, here we go!

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