Remembering YOU in Army Life

Over the years of being an Army Wife, I’ve learned a few things. Some of the lessons were easily learned, some not so much. I wanted to take a moment to share a few of the gems that I have gathered.

First – learn to be Gumby. Sometimes you just have to go with it. Army life is crazy. How often do we have to learn the lesson to never, ever write our plans down in ink? Whether it is a change in the training schedule, a shift in deployment dates, or our government deciding to “sequester” us again – all of us know that it is near impossible to schedule vacations or book tickets for almost anything.

A second lesson I learned, was “don’t wait.” When we were stationed in Germany, a month after we arrived, my husband was deployed to Bosnia. I was thrilled to be in Germany, but bummed that my husband was already gone again, after just coming home from a year in Korea. I stayed around town, and didn’t really get out and see things, because I wanted to do things and explore with my husband.

Well, then he came home from Bosnia, and a short time later I was expecting baby #3.  Because I was pregnant, we didn’t go out and do a lot of things. There went our second year in Germany. So our third and final year in Germany was going to be our time to get out and explore and see things, experience living in Europe.

Remember what I said about not making plans? Yep. We got our orders to leave Germany almost a year early! Baby Jack was only 2 months old and there we were preparing to leave and head to North Carolina. I kicked myself for sitting around for a year, waiting for the hubby.

Lesson learned.

Then in 2010 we headed North to Alaska. Shortly after we got there, the hubby was gone again. This time to Iraq for the gazillionth time. Rather than sitting around and waiting for him, we got out and experienced Alaska on our own.





Animal stalking

Hiking and more!

Another lesson learned is that while many things fall to your shoulders, and you find yourself being Mom and Dad while your soldier is off doing whatever Uncle Sam declares needs done, it is important to let life continue and take time for yourself.

Get out of the house. Find a new hobby. Do some volunteer work. Join a book club. Read things that inspire you.

A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes. – Hugh Downs


Another lesson? Don’t just spend a little time for yourself – spend some time ON yourself.

I know, being an army wife, and raising little kids alone for half the time, you simply don’t always have the means or the ability to take off to a spa. So get yourself some nice things, put the kids to bed and pamper yourself.

Simple Skincare and Operation In Touch teamed together and sent me my own care package so I could do just that.

I received a skin care set of cleansing wipes and moisturizer. I have very sensitive skin, and am very leery of trying new products, because even the ones that claim to be for sensitive skin are not friendly to mine. But I am happy to say that I was able to give these a try and with very positive results. Not only did they leave my skin clean and soft, there were no overpowering perfumes.

photo (2)

Then curl up on the sofa in a fuzzy robe & slippers, enjoy a nice cup of tea or glass of wine and watch a good movie – like that one you’ve been dying to watch but your hubby rolls his eyes at the very mention. Yep – it’s all about YOU tonight! Life will be there again in the morning, but having the time to recharge your own batteries will help you get through it.
photo (1)


So even if you pamper yourself at home – make sure you take that time for you!

Would you like to give Simple Skincare products a try? I have a Commissary Gift Card to give away so someone out there can go try the products for free! To enter the drawing, simply leave a comment saying “enter me!”

Simple Skincare products, Plush bathrobe and slippers, book of inspirational quotes and gift card donations were provided for this post. Winner will be picked at random on Feb 19th and e-mailed.

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  1. Sarah says

    I do not wish to enter the giveaway, thank you for offering. But I really would like to know about the book “inspirational quotes” in the picture! Who is the author?

    While I have never been in the army, my mom grew up as an army brat. And now that I am her caregiver, the things you mention about being flexible and allowing yourself to have “just me” time is so important. I’m still learning!

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