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Changes are coming to A Good Life Farm.

A few weeks ago, I shared on my YouTube channel that a rebrand is coming to A Good Life Farm.

I talked a bit about it here:

I did make the decision to go ahead and make the big change, but it will not take place until after then end of the year.

A Good Life Farm will become A Good Life Farm.

I did already change all of my social media platforms:

Instagram and YouTube.

In the instance of Facebook and MeWe, I can not edit the pages. So I ask that if you follow me on those platforms, please go follow the NEW pages that I set up.

Facebook and MeWe

You can also follow me on Telegram!

Now, if you have recipes pinned, or pages bookmarked, don’t worry! Those links will not break. You’ll still be able to find all of the content that you have saved. The links will simply forward to the new address.

I will post reminders now and again through the course of the year, so that people remember that the change is coming.

One thing that won’t change though, is my hen & spoon logo. That’s for keeps!

Coming 2022

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