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3 thoughts on “A Friend for Sophie?”

  1. Hi Constance!
    My husband and I love your blog/vlog, recipes, Bible studies, etc. We are musicians and are interested in all if the beautiful music playing on the videos. Could you share a playlist with us? Thank you. Christine and David Bolin Harrisburg, Il.

    • Thank you :) Oh goodness! I have gobs of music on my computer, but I don’t have any sort of playlist. I get all of it from EpidemicSound.com I can say that some of my favorite artists, whose music I use are Cody Francis, Loving Caliber, River Foxcroft, River Run Dry. The vast majority of my music is by those four.

  2. Peroxide is the best thing to use for skunk and vinegar rather than clorox. My moms shepherd years ago got sprayed and the house was terrible. Gross.


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