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Today I headed over to one of my favorite places in town – Lowe Mill here in Huntsville – Why? For the grand opening of their expansion!


As everyone waited for the ribbon cutting ceremony to begin, the atmosphere was full of energy and joy.

DSC_0005 copy

This expansion adds a whole wing onto Lowe Mill… 31 new studio shops to what was already the largest privately owned art studio in the country!





Look at the gorgeous light in this classroom.


The new wing was immediately filled with people.



Me still my heart! Do I see Pizzelle’s Confections sitting all alone on a plate in the middle of the hall??? I unashamedly plucked the first one from this platter. Their truffles are to die for. As I walked down the hallway I noticed that these platters emptied out in about 5 minutes flat. I actually saw a lady with a little cup, take about 6 or 7 of them as her eyes darted around to see if anyone was looking!!


Lowe Mill is so dangerous for me – it just feeds my addiction to pottery!


DSC_0041 copy



DSC_0048 copy



So, every time I see a sign that belongs to Flying Monkey Arts (the art community that launched the new chapter of Lowe Mill) I am reminded for some reason of my good friend Kimberly. She is a lady I met in Alaska – an Army Wife and a talented artist. She would so love this place!


This made me think of my good friend and giraffe lover c.a.


Okay, so early this morning I saw a young lady on Instagram – the writer of this book – Carrie Rollwagen

She was sitting in Piper & Leaf’s shop selling and autographing her book, “The Localist.” Now I have a very strong passion for small businesses, local shops, family run stores, etc. Her book is about the why of shopping local. I really look forward to reading this! (Connect with her on her website, instagram and twitter)




Now you know I can NOT come to Lowe Mill and leave without visiting my favorite shop there! Piper & Leaf has all sorts of gift ideas too…hoodies, tea baskets (4 bags of tea & a bottle of their simple syrup) and they actually have a “Tea of the Month” club! Two bags of tea mailed to your house every month, with free shipping. You can pick your teas, or you can be surprised. (find out more)


Speaking of a surprise….

I have to tell you, I love P&L’s cold teas. I get them all the time. But when it comes to hot drinks, I am coffee all the way.

Today I discovered that they have something new. It is a blend between Coffee and Tea! (LatTea?)

I spoke with the friendly young man behind the counter, and he offered to make me one in a fashion that they aren’t even generally offering yet – done up with the steamed milk and everything.

I, of course, took him up on the offer and tried a “Chocolate Joe.”

So this is me, holding the hot “LatTea” before I had even tasted it. And when I did? Oh. My. Word.

Is it blasphemous to say that is the best coffee I have had – ever…when it is not pure coffee? Or maybe it is the best tea I have ever had, but it’s not pure tea? What do we call this? One cup double fisted? The wicked duo?

Um….yeah……you need to go get one of these and then walk around Lowe Mill and just drink it all in. Pun totally intended.


One last requisite stop before heading home…Pizzelle’s! Look at these adorable “Hipster Mugs” that they have for sale in their shop.


Now I have a jar of goodies that sits on my desk, and while my son may sneak into the jar that is clearly labeled “Mom’s” – reaching for these would mean a swift and mortal end. Just don’t do it. Go get your own!


While I was in Piper & Leaf, the gentleman behind the counter said that it looked like I was having a good day. And you know, he was right. I love coming to Lowe Mill. I love art, I love the atmosphere, I love everything about it. It makes me happy to come through the doors.

I guess that means that Lowe Mill is my “happy place.”


If you come to Huntsville, you have to go check it out. I insist!

Lowe Mill – Arts & Entertainment
2211 Seminole Dr.
Huntsville, Alabama
Their Website



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