Are You Ready for Canning Season?

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Get ready for canning season now. In this episode I share some of the tools I use for canning, and how to make sure you are ready to “put up” all of your summer produce.

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My Canning Tool Set
My Hot Water Bath Canner
My Pressure Canner
Strawberry Corer
Strawberry (egg, mushroom, etc) Slicer

Are You Ready for Canning Season? Learn about all of the tools used and how to make sure they are ship shape for your canning season. | Cosmopolitan Cornbread

2 thoughts on “Are You Ready for Canning Season?”

  1. Love it!!! I had to laugh though at the caning tools…my mama just made me grab that stuff with a kitchen towel (if lucky)!!! I am always the getter of the lids and rings and clean the jar and tighten down! Brought back so many memories of not just my mom but my Nanny that just passed away in April too. Thank you. OH and that magnet!!! SOOOO wish I had one of those growing up!! I just had a fork to fish those out! You are an inspiration.


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