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2 thoughts on “Chicken Breeds | What Kind of Chickens Do I Have?”

  1. I am a “city” girl, born and raised, but I do so enjoy the vlogs and blogs about the homestead. Makes me appreciate my life through your experiences- LOL but seriously, I admire you and your family so much and eagerly check my emails for new vlogs and blogs every day – wish you had time for it every day – but Lord knows you seem to put more than 24 hours in each day.
    But you did something for me that I had put off for many years – I am reading my Bible and if I can live through the year will have finished the entire book. So many wonderful stories.

    Keep on keeping on

    Your fan in Fultondale, Al

    • I am so, so happy to hear that Patricia! Thank you for your encouragement. I would love to be able to vlog every day. I *am* trying to up it to 3 times weekly instead of twice, and go from there. But like you said, there’s only 24 hours in the day :)

      God bless!


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