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I don’t do DIY posts very often, because I honestly don’t enjoy sewing.

I can sew, but it isn’t something I take tremendous pleasure from. However there are times that I want something that I refuse to fork over a fortune for when I know I can make it myself. So after I received my new purse, I decided I needed some padding in there to protect my camera from other purse contents, and the bumps from simply being carried around. I thought this was something others could appreciate, so I figured I would post it for you!


Here’s how I made it.

First I took a piece of 1/2 inch thick foam and cut it the size of the bottom of my purse. My purse bottom is about 13×4 inches.



I cut the corners to make them a bit rounded.



Checked to make sure it fit.



Now I cut a long strip of the foam, that was 7 inches wide.



To measure the length, I wrapped the long piece around, lining up the outer edges of the foam, and leaving about a half inch gap between the ends. This is to make it easier to sew the two ends together.



Next, I took the “bottom” of the insert, and cut two pieces of fabric in the shape, with half an inch of overhang all the way around.



I sewed the two pieces together, right sides together, leaving a 4 inch gap open on one side. – All of my sewing is with a 3/8 inch “hem.”



Turn the section right side out, and iron it smooth, with the raw edges turned in. Then fold the foam like an accordion, and wiggle it in.




Hand stitch it shut.



For the longer piece – I forgot to take a picture of this…. cut two pieces of fabric that are one inch wider than your foam, and 2 inches longer than the foam, or one large piece that is 2x + an inch of the width, and the 2 inches longer than the foam. (This way you only have to sew one side seam.)

Take 4 pieces of 3/4 inch velcro, the soft portion. Each portion should be 7 1/2 inches long. Sew the strips, 2 on each end of the fabric, 2 inches from the sides and 4 inches from the ends.



Sew these onto the right side of one piece (or one half of a double width one)

These are two from one end, and there are two others on the other.



Sew the fabric right sides together, leaving one of the ends open.



Turn it right side out, and iron it smooth, pressing the raw edges in.
Slide the foam into the sleeve.



Sew the end closed, close to the edge.



Sew the two ends together with a zig-zag stitch. Press the foam flat next to the sewing machine foot to make this easier.




Now I hand stitched the bottom of the insert to the side piece (velcro in)



The main portion is done, now for a divider.



I cut a piece of foam 7 inches tall (the same as the sides) and 6 inches wide. Then I cut two pieces of fabric with a half inch extra on the top and bottoms, and 1 3/4 inch extra on each side.



Sew the fabric right sides together, leaving several inches open on the bottom. Again, turn it right side out, press it smooth with an iron, ironing the raw edges in.
Then I took two pieces of the “rough” part of the velcro that were 6 inches tall. Sew them a half inch from the bottom and top, as close to the side edge as you can.



Do that on each side, then slide in the foam, and stitch it closed.





The divider can be attached wherever I need it.

I still have access to the pockets in the purse, and can slide my wallet and keys in on the outside of the “case”, where they won’t scratch my camera.



What have YOU been making?

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  1. I stumbled on this totally by mistake but saved the page for my wife. She loves to sew and is also – like me – a photographer so this will make for a great project! I will also share it with the readers of our camera site! . Thanks for the tip and the great project.


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