Gifts for Chicken People

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Most years I like to put together a list of items that I would suggest for people when they are doing their holiday shopping. This year I have put together this fun one. One for Chicken People!

Holiday shopping ideas for the "Chicken People" in your life.This list contains amazon affiliate links. I receive a tiny commission if you make a purchase through clicking one of the links.

Chicken Sloggers

First up…Sloggers. I was actually given a pair of these boots recently as a gift. I have to admit, they are pretty darn cute. I have them in the red. Now when shopping Sloggers, I do recommend getting a size larger than you wear in a shoe. They seem to run a little small. You can always put thicker socks on if you need to.

Not sure about boots? Well, the chicken Sloggers come in other styles as well. I have a pair of the ankle boots in the chicken pattern, but they also come in “clog” like shoes too!

Egg Scale

I have an egg scale just like this in my kitchen. While technically it isn’t suited for official weight, it still gives you the general weight of your eggs. I use mine all the time. Not to mention it makes for great decor. At least I certainly think so!

Fancy Up that Mixer

I have a plan Jane kitchen aide mixer. Right after I purchased it, I got some pretty decorative decals to put on it. I received so many comments from people about it, because they thought it was a special-made custom mixer. Nope! Just decals. Well, recently I have been “eyeballing” some new decals for mine and came across this set. How pretty are these?!

Egg Collecting

I have several egg collecting baskets. They can be both functional and pretty, and can be used for decor as well as egg gathering.

But besides baskets, there’s egg collecting aprons too!

Digital Chicken Storage

I can’t help it folks, these little thumb drives for digital storage are too dadgum adorable.


Chicken Merch

In my Spreadshirt Shop, I have several fun designs that I have created for chicken lovers. If you see a design you like, but would like it offered on a different product, simply let me know and I can add them.

Chicken Apron

And of course I can’t go without mentioning my chicken aprons (while they last in the shop.)

Have any other ideas for chicken people gifts? Share them!

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  1. Love your aprons! I’m working on making several for myself using your pattern. If I may ask, how much did you charge for your aprons on Etsy? I know people will ask, and I never know what to charge. Glad to see you are now an ‘Alabama girl’. I was born and raised in Alabama, currently living in Calera, just south of Birmingham.


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