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2 thoughts on “Here We Go! & Separating Seedlings”

  1. We are pretty new to Tennessee living, Defeated Creek area. Where deer run free. What are you using to keep deer from eating all your hard work in the garden. Help please

    • I have a 4 foot fence around my garden with an electric hot wire around the top. I also have motion activated lights (solar) that come on when something moves out there. I know deer can jump 4 foot fences, but I have not had any issues with them. Another trick I have used to keep deer away from things not inside the fence, is to use human hair (talk to a local barber shop or salon) and sprinkle it around the area. I did this around baby fruit trees. I have a friend who cuts hair, and each time I would see her, I would get a bag of hair from her bin. The deer smell the human scent, and steer clear. Hope that helps!


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