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If you are brand new here and found your way to Cosmopolitan Cornbread through the Homeschooling Family Conference, Welcome!

I am Constance Smith, a writer, blogger and YouTuber. In addition to this website, I also have a newer healthy food site – Wholesome Skillet.

Besides blogs, I also write for a number of print publications, including Torah Sisters.

My husband and I live in northern Alabama, where we planted roots after 25 years of army life. We have three grown children, who I homeschooled, and a granddaughter…who I will homeschool.

Several years ago, we purchased our property and began homesteading. We call our homestead Cosmopolitan Cornbread.

We have chickens, goats, a miniature donkey and a miniature mule.

Amos the mini mule

I have two large gardens and during garden season I share weekly garden tours on my YouTube channel. Except this year. Last autumn I began a 7th year rest – Sukkot to Sukkot. I am looking forward to beginning gardening again this autumn.

Here on my website, you can find hundreds of recipes and articles on Homesteading, Home Cooking and Back to Basics. Over on my YouTube channel I share new videos every week – cooking, canning, garden tours, devotionals and more.

There’s over 700 recipes here on my website, and when I began eating biblically clean, I began going back and adding information on how to make alterations to the existing recipes.

I created a category of recipes here that are biblically clean or have information on how to make substitutions to make them so. See them here: Biblically Clean Recipes.

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As I said, I homeschooled my children, and I have found that many times homeschooling leads to people being drawn to simpler living and getting back to basics. I taught myself to can and preserve foods years ago. I have many canning videos and recipes online and share them often.

I frequently use something called a STEAM CANNER for much of my high acid canning.

High acid foods are things like jelly & jam, salsa or pickles. Most often those items are processed in a hot water bath canner. But a steam canner is lightweight, and very easy to use.

lifting a jar of vanilla peach jam from a steam canner with a pair of jar tongs

I think it is a great tool for those who want to learn about canning and get started with it. That is why I chose to give away a steam canner like mine as a prize for the conference.

In keeping with that theme, I have written a 64 page eBook all about steam canning.

What they are and how to use one. I have also included my 10 favorite recipes that I can make with one. This eBook is currently only available for participants of the conference, but will be made available for my subscribers later on. You are the first to have access to it! If you don’t have a steam canner, that’s okay. All of the recipes can also be processed in a traditional hot water bath canner.

Click on the book cover below to download the (pdf) book!

Thank you for coming by from the conference. I hope you enjoy what you see, and come again!