It’s Too Early for This

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4 thoughts on “It’s Too Early for This”

  1. Oh my giddy aunt, you are too funny! I think because I can totally relate to your purging problem. I am trying to do that as well, so in actual fact, listening to you, is helping me. I was thinking about a garage sale of sorts, but now it is ALL going to the local thrift store. My kids will be pleased.

    About your item that you want, but don’t need, but really love – you have given it some thought and kudos for taking some time, but heh, you work hard, you love it, life’s too short – go get it. It can always be purged next year if you decide it was a mistake. It’s like Costco – if you wait too long, it may be gone.

    After the explanation of your arm tattoo, that is the absolute perfect colour.

    Have a safe happy trip. Looking forward to you seeing your purchase when you put it together, gr


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