The Loveless Café in Nashville, and Old Friends

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This weekend, I headed up north a couple hours to Nashville.


My destination: The Loveless Café.

My purpose: To see my friends Catherine and Blaine.

Catherine Staat and I met 8 years ago via a yahoogroup for homemakers that she ran for some time. She is the person who inspired me to begin blogging. We’ve kept in touch over the years, but after all this time we finally, finally, finally got to meet face to face!

I arrived a little bit before they did, and snapped this picture to post on Instagram with the message that I was here waiting for them! (Okay, do my eyes look spooky in this picture or is it just me?)


In any case…we at last laid eyes on each other, traded big hugs and began spending a wonderful afternoon of exploring the shops, having a great lunch and fantastic conversations.

Isn’t she gorgeous?


I titled this post with “Old Friends” in it, because truly, spending the day with Catherine and Blaine was really like getting together with old friends. I felt perfectly at ease with them from the moment we hugged. Catherine is every bit as sweet and elegant as she she has always come acrossed – whether through e-mail conversations, texting, phone calls or her vlogging. (You definitely want to check out Catherine’s Youtube Channel if you haven’t already.) And Blaine’s witty humor was utterly entertaining. I must say, I expect a “nose flute” vlog in the very near future!

About the Café…

This shop was absolute Retroville. Such cute and fun gifts inside…and of course “Lovely.”


For lunch, I had pulled BBQ pork on cornmeal hoecakes, creamed corn and hashbrown casserole.


Catherine was a good girl and had this beautiful salad.


Blaine said he’d get into the feel of the place and had their fried catfish sandwich.


It was a lovely day. One of those days where you don’t want it to end, and have to make yourself get in the truck and drive away. We will not be waiting 8 years before our next get-together!


On the way back home, I took a different route back to the interstate which took me through the town of Franklin. I stopped for coffee in this quaint little spot.


Walking back to the truck with my cup of coffee, I saw this storefront. Adorable. I need to take a day and spend it in Franklin, walking the sidewalks and visiting the shops.


I also have to mention, Catherine sent me home with a goody bag full of books and other treats. *LOVE*


Have I mentioned that Catherine and Blaine are about to open their own bakery? I had the pleasure of bringing home these caramel waffle wafers that they (Blaine?) made.

I’m hoarding them all for myself.



It was a wonderful way to spend a day in Nashville.


My “vlog” about the day is below.

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