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A Canning Collaboration for Everyone

March Canning Madness

March is a great time to can all the things you want on your pantry shelves before garden season kicks off.

It is the time of year I start canning things like my Sloppy Joes, broths, and countless other pantry staples.

Two years ago, I hosted a canning collaboration on YouTube where several channels participated and every day there was a new canning video from one of the channels.

Last year, I did not do MCM because we were in midst of the chaos of moving our homestead from Alabama to Arkansas at the time.

But this year, March Canning Madness is back and it’s an open collaboration!

So what does that mean?

It means that this is a collaboration that anyone can participate it. I want to encourage everyone out there to put up their favorite canning recipes and share what they are doing!

How to adjust canning recipes for elevation. Can your foods safely, no matter where you live.

If You Have a YouTube Channel

If you wish to participate in March Canning Madness, post a canning video (or lots of videos) in the month of March and tag me somewhere in either the title or the description “@CosmopolitanCornbread” so that YouTube notifies me of the video(s).

I will then add the video(s) to my official 2024 playlist! I will check and add videos every day. If you don’t see your video added, send me a message with the link via email, Instagram, or Facebook. YouTube isn’t always reliable when sending notifications and I don’t want to miss any.

If you wish to use the March Canning Madness logo * for your video thumbnails, you can grab the image down below or off of my social media. You are not required to use it, but it will make it easier for people to spot the collab videos.

*The logo above is copyrighted and authorized only for use in participants’ collaboration related content and not authorized for any other use.

Rebel Canning

If you rebel can, please make it clear that it is a “rebel canning” video. I want to make sure that new canners understand that a recipe is “rebel” so that they can make an informed decision before trying a canning recipe.

What is Rebel Canning?

Rebel Canning is canning recipes or methods that are not approved by the USDA, not tested, or not considered safe, such as water bath canning low acid foods.

I’m not saying don’t do it, but I am saying do your homework and judge for yourself whether something is safe or too risky for you.

For instance, “dry canning” potatoes without any water is another form of rebel canning. I don’t do it because water conducts the heat throughout the jar to make the potatoes safe. Air insulates and can prevent the inside contents from reaching the temperature to kill botulism. That’s not a risk I am willing to take.

But You Do You.

No YouTube Channel? No Problem!

Do you have an Instagram account? Share what you’re doing and tag me! I’d love to share your posts!

On Facebook? You can do the same there or even share your images in the comment section on my posts :)

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Prizes will be Included!

Of course, I am excited to share that yes, there will be two giveaways in conjunction with March Canning Madness.

Prize #1

First, as people post YouTube videos and I add them to the playlist, those videos are all entered to win a gift basket from me. That gift basket will include lots of goodies to be determined, but for certain will contain at least 240 of my favorite canning lids!

The gift basket giveaway will be open to anyone, regardless of geographical location.

The Big Prize

On March 31st, I will do a finale MCM video. In that video, there will be a big giveaway!

This giveaway will be open to everyone whether you posted videos or not/have a YouTube channel or not.

That Prize will include a Presto 23 Quart Pressure Canner that is specifically designed to be compatible with Induction or Glass top stoves – and anyone can use. It will also include some canning lids and other goodies.

This event is not sponsored by anyone but me. You can see me talking about March Canning Madness 2024 in this video.

Let’s encourage one another to can all the things.

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2 thoughts on “March Canning Madness is Here!”

  1. Just found your March Canning Madness when I couldn’t sleep super early this morning, and have been watching all day, when not at Easter service.

    Such a cool idea to open it up to everyone!

  2. I have a canning question I need an answer to. I love canning all these homemade soups but most have either beef or chicken in them. Can you can beef kielbasa or beef smoked sausage??? It’s cheap and I just came up with an awesome soup recipe that uses it. And I know I can can everything else in it. Thank you jill


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