2020 Cosmopolitan Cornbread Mugs

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You guys have been asking, and now they are here!

2020 Cosmopolitan Cornbread Mugs

I have teamed up with Tori from Two Ridges Pottery to offer beautiful, handmade Cosmopolitan Cornbread mugs, as seen in my latest video.

You can visit her shop website, and scroll down to where you see that cute little hen and spoon.

2020 Cosmopolitan Cornbread Mugs

Now here’s the thing – these mugs are not made until you order them. She is a very busy artist and there is no guarantee to have them by a certain date. So if you hope to have a mug by the holidays, order it as soon as possible!

Additionally, these mugs will only be available for a limited time (exactly how limited is still to be determined.) So don’t dawdle!

While you are there, be sure to check out all of the other beautiful things she has to offer.

Good news, bad news. Good news: The response to the new mug design was overwhelming! Thank you to everyone that submitted orders.

Bad news: Tori is now booked solid well into 2021 and can not take any more orders for a while. So that was a fast window, but orders are closed for now. I will remove this notice when she is again able to take more orders.

2020 Cosmopolitan Cornbread Mugs

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    • Thank you for bringing that to my attention. The link for the shop worked, but for some reason the button wasn’t. I replaced it with a regular link. It will take you straight to the mugs now :)


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