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My (First) Chicken Tractor

If you’re wondering what a chicken tractor is, it is a movable home for chickens. Sometimes it is just a movable yard, or it is a combination. They vary in size and style, but this is ours.

This was made a couple years ago, so the children were of course smaller, and it was at our old house. (Which we found out that we had moved out for nothing! The Waffle House ended up not getting built right there, and all of the planned growth was canceled. That was devastating to us to find out we had left our dream house and didn’t have to. That was our favorite home that we ever lived in, in all our years of military life. I cried the day we moved out. And if I think about it too much, I get sad all over again. ) The original post below was made on my old blog, summer of ’07.


Well, it is 99.99% finished. All that is left, is to attach a few latches, and that is it. I am just taking a break from the heat and drinking some iced tea. We got started at 9am today, running to the lumberyard for a couple more pieces of wood that I needed.

Jack helping screw on a panel. (By the way that is PAINT on his arm! )



Painting the frame




Me, stapling the chicken wire to the yard enclosure.


After we got it all together, we moved it out near the shed, and moved the young birds into their new home! We placed them in the house portion, and they had no idea what to do with that door. So Jack climbed inside and coaxed NeeNee outside.




These are the two perches inside the house.



And the nesting boxes.


Finally they began to adventure out into their new frontier!


And the completed Chicken Tractor! (Again, minus the latches )



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A note to “MorningSunshine”…

I made up the plans for this on a scrap of notebook paper.

I made it out of 2×2’s, plywood, 2 ft chicken wire, 2inch wood screws, staples, and some scraps of 2×4 (for the nesting boxes). Plus a couple hinges and latches, and barn paint.
If I remember correctly, the vertical beams are just under 2 ft high, I based it off of the chicken wire, to make sure I could staple it to the sides.
The long beams are 8 ft long, and the width beams are 4 ft long.
The house is 4 ft square, and is also made with 2 ft high vertical beams.

I originally had this for 12 young birds. We let our chickens run loose, but they can’t go straight from the “nursery” to running free. We use this as an “in-between” house. Many people use these on a regular basis as the permanent/mobile homes. If I were to do that, I would use this for about 6-8 birds. It would be a little crowded for any more than that. Of course, our birds are Rhode Island Reds and Plymouth Barred Rocks, which are fairly large. If you had smaller breeds, you might be able to put more in there without stressing them.

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