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Missed out on your chance for a mug? Here’s one more chance!

Last week I received my order from Tori at Two Ridges Pottery, and I posted all of the available mugs online in my Etsy shop. Well, every mug sold out that day. There were many people who expressed disappointment that they missed their chance for a mug. So… here’s one more chance to get one. This time instead of ordering a bunch of mugs, and posted them for sale, I will take orders, send the order to Tori and then ship out the mugs when they are completed.

To place an order for your own mug, here’s what you need to do.

Choose which color and how many

Here are the mug options…

Classic Blue


Farmhouse White

Contact Me

Send me an e-mail at and let me know two things.

  1. Which color(s) and how many.
  2. Your shipping name & address.

Please put “MUGS” in the subject line!!!

Paypal Me

The cost of each mug with shipping to any US address (APO, etc.) will be $38.00. That should cover the cost of it all for me to have them made and then mail them to you. When you send money, please choose the “sending money to friend” option, otherwise Paypal will take out a percentage, and then I will lose money and the cost of the mugs won’t actually be covered.

I must receive payment, or the order for your mug will not be placed.

The Deadline

I will accept orders until October 25th. At that point, the orders will close and I will submit it to Tori.

The mugs take a few weeks, as Tori is a very busy lady, but they will be sent to you as soon as I get them.

NOTE: If you wish to order a mug and live internationally, please contact me and I will see about determining what the cost of postage would be.

This will be the last chance to purchase a mug this year!

3 thoughts on “One More Chance for Coffee Mugs!”

  1. Hi Constance, I almost completely forgot about the coffee mugs. Has Tori had the chance to make yours? I saw on her website that she’s been really really busy. I hope you are feeling much better my friend.


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