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Today I went to a sneak preview of a brand new restaurant in Huntsville, Alabama – Pieology!


A couple weeks ago I met with two of the gentlemen who were getting this new restaurant going, and they gave me the run-down on everything that Pieology has to offer, as well as the history of the restaurant. I have to say, that after meeting those guys, I was really excited about this place opening up in the Huntsville area.

Pieology gives you the freedom to design your own pizza – from a choice of regular, wheat or gluten-free crusts – to a variety of sauces and cornucopia of toppings. What is really great about Pieology, is that whether you have 2 toppings or every topping the price is exactly the same. You can get as creative and adventurous as your little heart desires.


The atmosphere inside is light and uplifting – to include a wall of inspirational quotes. Pieology wants you to leave feeling full and happy – and not just your tummy.


Getting the opportunity to come and meet the three owners was a great experience. Such nice people with such a positive outlook on life and what they want for their customers.  What I experienced today was warm and encouraging….and then there’s the pizza.


I absolutely love that I can sit there and watch my pizza being made right in front of me. I always enjoy that in restaurants – whether it is pizza like this, or fine dining at a Bistro in Fairbanks, Alaska. When you can see your food being made, there is just an honesty about it. Maybe it is just me, but I appreciate that.

I also appreciate that everything here is fresh – they don’t even have freezers. When ingredients are fresh, you can taste the difference.



Want a salad on the go? They have several to choose from. You could also grab a carton of organic chocolate milk to drink with your pizza. Seriously – does anyone ever really outgrow chocolate milk? I think not.


My pizza being made…I went with an alfredo base, with black olives, artichokes, chicken and bacon.




Excuse me…I’m going to need a moment here.


This pizza was divine! I normally shy away from thin crusted pizzas (I know, I know that might horrify some out there!) but it’s true.  The reason I do so, is that often the crust is so hard that I’m afraid I’m going to break a tooth on it! This crust however was unbelievably light and crisp, it almost reminded me of a tostada. Mmmmmm….

I truly can not wait to go back again. You should check them out! Pieology in Huntsville officially opens tomorrow – Thursday, April 23rd, 2015.

Pieology is located at Suite 101 of Bridge Street Town Centre in Huntsville, Alabama. Phone: (256) 801-8132 Facebook | Website

My vlog from today:

I was invited to the private media event by Pieology. All opinions are my own.

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