Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Update & Channel Changes

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An update on my recovery so far.

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In my vlogs, I share moments of my life, things I’m doing, places I’m going. Sometimes there are tutorials, sometimes I’m just rambling about random topics. Come with me as I go about my day – whatever I happen to be doing.


Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Update & Channel Changes | The latest vlog from Cosmopolitan Cornbread

4 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Update & Channel Changes”

  1. Hey girl,
    I watched your rmsf videos and saw that you had it in 2016 and were experiencing some after effects from it and I was wondering if you have had anymore effects besides arthritis pain? I had gotten rmsf a little over a year ago . I never saw a tick, never developed a rash, just EXTREME fatigue and muscle weakness and also any little bit of heat would deplete me. I’m reaching out for help because I’m having heat intolerance this summer as well…..PLEASE reach out to me. By the way, I love your vlog!!!

  2. Love your videos :) I’ve had a YouTube channel for several years, but am just now getting ready to start posting vlogs. You’re style of vlogging is what I had in mind to do with mine too. The topics and style, along with snippets of my life and travels, pieced together in one weekly video. Thanks for inspiring me to get off my butt and get started! Subscribed to your YouTube channel now. :)


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