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A couple weeks ago, the hubby and I went on a whirlwind two day road trip.

We were helping out a friend by hauling a truck up to Columbus, Ohio. It took us 12 hours to get there – what a long drive!


Ahh…the Midwest. Land of my youth…landscapes of countryside with fields, farms and flatness.



The next day we loaded up on coffee and headed south.


Goodbye Columbus.


On the way back down, we took a different route.


We made a stop in a little town called Mayberry…er…Liberty, Kentucky. Why? To visit the brand new bakery of my dear friends Blaine & Catherine Staat!




We got a wonderful tour, spent a little time visiting and then after the hubby got a call from work – we sadly had to jump back on the road and head home so he could “put out a fire” at work. But look at the beauties that Catherine generously sent us home with!


Sadly…getting back in the truck to leave.


Mmmmm…this was the best road trip snack ever! It also caused a near fight between my hubby and I. Luckily he stopped eating my granola just in time.


The trip went great all the way to Columbus and back down…and then we hit Nashville.


I agree! This traffic STINKS!


Over all, we spent 22 hours driving in two days. I love road trips but that was way too much for two days.

The next morning – this was the best way possible to get started on my work. A Staat’s Bakery Blueberry Muffin and coffee in my new Liberty mug.


See the video tour of their bakery here:

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