A Rookie Mistake

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4 thoughts on “A Rookie Mistake”

  1. Hey Constance;

    Can I please ask if the weeder you were using in the video is the one that broke or a different one. What is the brand name AND can you please show some more pictures of exactly what it looks like so I can keep a watch out for you.

    Also, when you have a contest, can we enter if we live in Canada?

    Thanks again for taking time out of your crazy, nutsy, busy day to do your videos. I really enjoy them. Hope you get your other tractor fixed, Gwendolyn R.

    • Thank you Gwendolyn, I actually found one thanks to a viewer.
      Yes, my giveaways are normally open to Canadians as well, unless I state that they are for US residents only.
      Fingers are still crossed on the tractor. We haven’t heard yet… :)


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