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I recently had the wonderful opportunity to host a tequila & cheese tasting at my home. It was a delightful time of friends, great food and wonderful flavors. I know what you might be thinking. “Tequila & Cheese?”

Well, you read that right. Tequila and Cheese. There was nothing ordinary about either of the subjects that graced our taste buds this particular evening.

Meet the tequilas.

Reposado, Anejo and Crystal from Casa Noblé.

tasting 4

The Cheeses.

Époisses, Mimolette, Fourme d’Ambert and Comté.

tasting 5

The Crystal was paired with a Mimolette a.k.a. Boule de Lille, an eighteen month old
French version of Edam, the Dutch cheese.

tasting 3

The Reposado was paired with Époisses, which is a “stinky cheese” and made in both Burgundy and in Champagne-Ardenne. This cheese is semi-soft and said to be a favorite of Napoleon’s. I warmed it for a few minutes in my cheese crock and served it with chunks of crusty bread. It was extremely aromatic, but the flavor was unreal.

The Añejo was paired with the Fourme d’Ambert. It is a “blue” cheese that is smooth and creamy and much milder than the typical every day blue cheeses that you may be accustomed to. It was mild and earthy tasting.

tasting 1

We also enjoyed a “bonus” cheese, the Comté. This was a firm cheese, and reminded us of a very mild Swiss.


After tasting the cheeses and tequila on their own, we enjoyed a few cocktails with the velvety smooth tequilas. Everyone had a difficult time picking a favorite…favorite cheese or favorite tequila. Each variety has its own unique flavors and notes to offer,

Tequila and Cheese tasting from The Foodie Army Wife

In honor of National Cheese Lover’s Day on this Tuesday, the 20th of January, might I suggest that you invite your friends over and have a Tequila & Cheese tasting of your own?

You might be surprised and just how well they dance together!

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The tequila and cheeses were provided for the purpose of this post. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are my own.

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