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After 25 years of active duty army life, my husband and I planted roots in northern Alabama and started a homestead. This new chapter is the good life we have waited for, for a very long time. And so we named our homestead A Good Life Farm.

Our homestead started as a completely blank slate. There was a house, a shed/barn and land. Nothing else.

There were no gardens, no infrastructure, no place for animals or livestock, not even fences. We have big dreams for this place and slowly…bit by bit…and year by year…are building it.

Currently we have a variety of chickens, Nigerian Dwarf goats, heritage breed rabbits and plan to add other things like honey bees to the farm.

American Blue Rabbits

Our animals are pastured – they have access to all of the natural plants, fresh air and sunshine they could possibly want. They live the way they were meant to live.

I enjoy gardening and do it in a potager style – a mixture of the beautiful with the practical. Tomatoes and peppers are mixed together with herbs and flowers, and I do things as naturally as possible.

We have a raised bed garden that grows year by year. We also have a no-dig, no-til garden. It is a long-term project of building and restoring soil that was once old farmland, dead and lifeless – using permaculture methods. You couldn’t even find an earth worm in it when it all started.

The plants and seeds I use are primarily of heirloom varieties and any pest control is done with safe means, methods approved for organic gardens.

You can follow along on our journey on the YouTube channel. You’ll also find lots of articles here on homesteading, home cooking and back to basics, like gardening tips and information on raising chickens.

What the future holds for A Good Life Farm is yet to be discovered, but we look forward to this grand adventure.