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This website is the creation of Constance Smith.

Constance has been a lifestyle writer for over a decade. She is a regular columnist and feature writer for both digital and print media. Constance has been published in many newspapers and magazines, to include Torah Sisters, Military Spouse, Making it Home and more.

After 25 years of active duty army life, she and her husband planted roots and started their own homestead. You can see Constance’s homesteading life and adventures on her YouTube channel.

About the Recipes on Cosmopolitan Cornbread

You’ll find over 800 recipes here on Cosmopolitan Cornbread™.

With a return to the farm and simple living, Constance prepares dishes in her farmhouse kitchen that use wholesome, real ingredients. Over the past few years, she her recipes have evolved to being mostly grain-free and sugar free (paleo recipes and keto recipes), as well as biblically clean.

Whether you have your own garden, or you frequent the farmers market, the Cosmopolitan Cornbread recipes can help you take advantage of those fresh foods, and create meals your family will love.

Homestead Life

Constance frequently shares articles and videos all about simple living – from growing tomatoes in the garden, to building a chicken coop.

So grab a glass of iced tea and browse all of the recipes, articles and videos of Homesteading, Home Cooking and Back to Basics.

Constance’s great-grandparents’ farm