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About Constance

Having grown up in Wisconsin, I’m a child of the Midwest. After high school I was accepted to UW Stevens Point but instead I joined the army to see the world. I met this young soldier at a chapel service during Basic Training and he unexpectedly stole my heart. We got married in a whirlwind 3 months later and thus began the adventure of military life.

I began a “home page” back in 1998, and a few years later began blogging. My goal was to not only share encouragement and family adventures, but to share my passion of teaching. Someone once said to me that she wished there was “Home Ec” for grown ups. She overheard me talking about something I was teaching in a homeschool Home Ec class, and that inspired me. Since that time, I have shared hundreds of recipes, most with step-by-step photos and written in such a way that you do not have to be an experienced cook to prepare wonderful things for your family. I grew up having supper at the family table every night. We raised our children the same way. I really believe that the family meal time is a sacred thing and the balm that brings peace to hectic lives.
Besides recipes, I share homemaking helps, organization and cleaning tips and more. There are so many lost skills out there that a whole generation seems to have missed out on.
Over the years I have shared more than simply recipes & homemaking helps. I’ve shared the ups and downs of military life. Deployments and homecomings. Adventures and sorrows. I’ve share the joys of homeschooling our kids, and the bittersweet of them leaving home. I’ve also shared some of my other passions: history & culture, travel, art & photography.
As all people do, I’ve grown and changed over the years, and Cosmopolitan Cornbread is a reflection of that. I still share wonderful recipes every week, and the other things I have a passion for. But now that we are planting roots in the land of sweet tea, our life has taken an interesting turn. We have begun homesteading and have started a small farm in northern Alabama. We raise chickens and heritage rabbits, have a growing garden and life is an all new adventure.
In addition to blog posts, I’ve now incorporated YouTube “episodes” as well. There’s a new video every Monday, Wednesday & Friday and weekly garden tours seasonally. 
So won’t you join me?


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