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Many years ago, I felt a draw to a simple, slower life. I taught myself to cook and bake from scratch and of course to can and preserve foods from my family. I have many canning videos and recipes online and share them often.

I frequently use something called a STEAM CANNER for much of my high acid canning.

High acid foods are things like jelly & jamsalsa or pickles. Most often those items are processed in a hot water bath canner. But a steam canner is lightweight, and very easy to use.

lifting a jar of vanilla peach jam from a steam canner with a pair of jar tongs

I think it is a great tool for those who want to learn about canning and get started with it.

Because it is so new to many people, I have written this eBook all about steam canning.

What they are and how to use one. I have also included my 10 favorite recipes that I can make with one. If you don’t have a steam canner, that’s okay. All of the recipes can also be processed in a traditional hot water bath canner.