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I have a long time history of loving aprons. I think it started when I was a little girl and I read about Laura Ingalls and the descriptions of her, Ma and Caroline gathering things in their aprons.

Of course, I remember my grandmother wearing aprons as well. I’ve shared this photo before, but it is one of my favorites. My grandmother and great grandmother busy in the kitchen working. Her sister, my great aunt was minding something on the stove, and my mother in the foreground working as well. My great aunt – sister of my grandfather is standing against the wall watching. She doesn’t seem to want to get in the way. My mother told me once that Aunti Vi wasn’t a big cook.

I also love the light that is hanging above the table! And the stove. And the simplicity of the kitchen. Isn’t it amazing how fancy we think our kitchens need to be now-a-days in order to be able to cook a good meal? It’s not about the kitchen…it’s about the hands and the heart that goes into it. But I digress…

My love affair with aprons continued through my life and I have acquired quite a collection of them. I have some simple ones that I have made. I have a couple holiday ones. I have received them as gifts. I have Cosmopolitan Cornbread aprons. Let’s just say, I have a lot of aprons.  Most of my aprons hang in a place of honor in my kitchen, on a pretty hanger that holds many of them.

I even have a book about aprons. Seriously. It’s called The Apron Book.

But especially precious to me, are the two aprons that I have that belonged to my Grandma. Some aprons are just too special to actually use. They are protected rather than protectors.

A Love Affair with Aprons | Cosmopolitan Cornbread

A while back, I mentioned in a vlog about one of my work aprons that I wear when I am working on really dirty things, like cleaning out the chicken coop or digging in the garden. I call them “Farm Girl Work Aprons.” I had several people mention that they loved the style of the apron I had made, and that inspired me to start sewing a few and offering them to others who love aprons as much as I do.

A Love Affair with Aprons | Cosmopolitan Cornbread

I may or may not have gone a little crazy with the fabric shopping…but what can I say? I love aprons, and I love sharing that with others who are like-minded.

I’ve always been able to sew. I learned how to do it on an antique treadle Singer. I sewed all sorts of things as a kid, and as an adult have made everything from my soon-coming baby’s nursery layette to a gown for a military ball. I’ve never really sewn for pleasure, but I have to say – I am greatly enjoying making these aprons.

Aprons can be feminine and pretty at the same time as they are tough and hard working.

A Love Affair with Aprons | Cosmopolitan Cornbread

Did you grow up wearing aprons in the kitchen? Do you wear them now? Tell me about your favorites and your memories that you have.



2 thoughts on “A Love Affair with Aprons”

  1. I Love Love LOVE this post!! I do have such sweet memories of my grandma and mama and aunts wearing aprons! In the summer we would got to out to the country, cause you know I was a city girl, and my aunt would put an apron on me that was far too big, tie it around my neck and waist and tell me to hold the two ends in the front. Off we would go to the chicken coupe and collect eggs in my apron basket! I LOVED that part of the trip! I remember being soooo careful walking back to the house!

    I also remember my mama making small aprons and painting them with Artex paints! She’d make them and give them away, make them and give them away…she only ever kept one and now it is mine! A treasure for SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I could send you a photo….I’ll see what I can come up with. Blessings!! Cindy


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